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ice - The global currency reset

ice - The global currency reset

Mine the newest digital currency for free using your phone without any consumed resources or battery. Download our app today!

The Supra project is giving away its tokens for registration 💪💰https://supraoracles.com/blastoff?ref=2c8cb-360996

Countdown to Blast Off - Supra Community Airdrop Campaign

Countdown to Blast Off - Supra Community Airdrop Campaign

Join Supra’s Community Airdrop Campaign to learn about our blockchain innovations and earn tokens rewards and airdrops.

Airdrop CryptoGPT https://vrlps.co/gih5ek9/em


Horizon Developer faucet, press the button 1 time per day and get zen, price zen 10.04 $, withdrawal every Monday can automatically be made to the exchange (binance for example) 👇

Кран Horizon Developer, нажимаем кнопку 1 раз в сутки и получаем zen, цена zen 10.04$, вывод каждый понедельник автоматически можно на биржу (binance например) 👇

🔥Mine HGT tokens from Wild Cash X Hooked Protocol🔥

🔘 Wild Cash - the task of the project is to educate ordinary users and immerse them in web3.

Now we can start farming HGT tokens that we can swap into uHGT *(Swap will be available from 800.00
Listing of $HOOK is expected on December 1 on Binance

What to do ❓
1️⃣Download the application https://hsacw.xyz/r/1Gvgx3
3️⃣From the bottom we find the "Mining" tab and start farming tokens

❗Immediately saving up for a trolley! It increases the maximum amount of tokens that we can mine, after which I advise you to throw the tokens into staking.

🗓️Binance Listing: December 1st


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