League Of Legends Twisted Treeline Tier List

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I'm beginning to play cutthroat 3v3 with 2 companions of mine. There will be soon a competition and we needed to understand what the best chapion combos are on Twisted Treeline.

A few heroes I feel are great or fundamentally more fragile on TT.
On turned treelines, portability is great I feel. Going through walls like trynda's turning slice is areas of strength for truly. Yet, which different legends are great in 3v3? I feel Carthus ain't as great on TT, since his ult just contacts 3 people, rather than 5. Which different legends would it be a good idea for us to more readily stay away from in 3v3?

Would it be a good idea for us wilderness? In 5v5 there is dependably one individual jungling, however in 3v3 idk.

Alright, presently we have picked our legends, who ought to go top, and who down?
For the second we frequently sent nidalee/renekton top. However, perhaps jarvan 4 would do well as well, not certain. Down we played a carry+support (for example ashe and alistar). Ashe peddle helps alot on this little guide.

Which summoner spells would it be advisable for us we stay away from. I think magically transport truly ain't that usefull on such a little guide. I took cv now and again with alistar, however not certain it is great on TT.
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