US reiterates Jews, Palestine The two-state approach must be settled.

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Top US diplomats urge Israel and Palestine to สล็อตwallet work together to end the protracted conflict. "On a two-state approach" in the midst of a new tense atmosphere in the city of Jerusalem

Foreign news agencies reported from the city of Jerusalem. Israel on January 31 that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that the government would push for amendments to the law. Accelerate the issuance of firearms permits for Israelis and requiring security officials to expedite action "dealing with illegal weapons" in connection with the synagogue shooting in the city of Jerusalem This resulted in at least seven deaths over the weekend. After that, two people were shot and injured.

However, before the latest wave of violence in Jerusalem Israeli security personnel operating at a refugee camp. In the West Bank city of Jenin, there are at least 10 "suspected terrorist members," one of whom is an elderly woman.
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