🔥Mine HGT tokens from Wild Cash X Hooked Protocol🔥

🔘 Wild Cash - the task of the project is to educate ordinary users and immerse them in web3.

Now we can start farming HGT tokens that we can swap into uHGT *(Swap will be available from 800.00
Listing of $HOOK is expected on December 1 on Binance

What to do ❓
1️⃣Download the application https://hsacw.xyz/r/1Gvgx3
3️⃣From the bottom we find the "Mining" tab and start farming tokens

❗Immediately saving up for a trolley! It increases the maximum amount of tokens that we can mine, after which I advise you to throw the tokens into staking.

🗓️Binance Listing: December 1st