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A form of argumentative essay that explains the causes of a certain event or subject and narrates the details about its outcomes is termed a cause and effect essay. An essay writer, when assigned the task to write a cause-and-effect essay, has to research an incident or concept. To write this form of essay one must know the difference between a cause and an effect. One example of cause and effect is a cause is car running out of gas and the effect of this cause would be that car would not start now. Similarly, another example of a cause is eating too much, or not exercising and the effect is gaining weight.

The best essay writing service not only correctly narrates the cause and effects but also critically analyzes them and logically relates them. The arrangement of causes and effects can be either in a chronological manner, order of occurrence. For the sake of understanding, this article will present a sample cause and effect essay on the cold war. Reading and observing the structure of the given essay closely will help students a lot. Afterward, they would not have to rely on anyone’s help and ask anyone to “write my essay” for me.

At the end of world war II, these two states i.e. the USA and the Soviet Union became huge rivals. Although the two states were never on good terms with each other, World War II escalated the tensions and made them so significant that they led to the cold war. Although both these states fought from eh the same end in world war II however at that time the objective was to end the expansionist movement of Japan and destroy the Nazi regime in Germany's "reliable essay writing service". So when the objective was achieved the rivalry was once again ignited.

Conflict in the ideology of these two nations also served as one of the major causes of the war. The Soviet Union was a state that religiously followed the ideology of communism. The Soviet Union many times used this ideology to justify its expansionist movements "how much is an essay". The United States of America on the other hand relied on its policy of containment to stop the Soviet Union from expanding its boundaries. For the United States of America, communism is the biggest threat to world peace. Consequently, this conflict in the base ideologies of these left and right wings led to the cold war.

The effects of the cold war were far-reaching and changed the overall dynamics of world politics, impacted the economy, and made significant social changes. One of the major impacts that the war had on Russia was the huge cut down on the finances of the military. In 1991 especially, Russia owing to huge financial issues had to majorly cut down on defense expenses "high quality papers". Russia had to face a similar financial crisis as Germany had to face after facing a defeat in World War II. The dissolution of one of the two parties i.e. The Soviet Union is also one of the many effects of the cold war.


The United States of America on the other hand had to reshape its foreign policy and alter its ideology on which most of its political institutes were run and decisions were made. The United States of America not only expanded space technology, and started to help i need to write an essay and put more effort into making its military and defense technologically advanced but the Syrian civil war was also a by-product of the cold war. Many lives were lost on both sides although the war did not include any direct battle. However, the Vietnam war and proxy wars cost millions of lives. Internationally, the world was divided into two major groups. One that sided with the Soviet Union and the other that went on to support the United States of America. Hence, the cold war also impacted world politics greatly and is still impacting it in many ways.

The cold war between the United States of America and the Soviet Union not only affected these two states but changed world politics completely. The rivalry that was caused by the differences in ideology and the urge to and rule the world could have resulted in the biggest disaster if the nuclear war had broken off. However, the war also taught the world the most endearing lesson to maintain peace against all the odds.