ACEM and IMA Enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Strategic Cooperation

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ACEM and IMA Enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Strategic Cooperation

On April 20, Richard Li, IMA's Vice President and Chief Representative of China, Zhang Lin, director of Cooperation and Development in East China, Shan Yufei, director of Research and Knowledge, and Guan Genghua and Zhu Xuehong, the managers of Cooperation and Development in East China, visited ACEM, and held friendly talks with Dean Chen Fangruo, director Xia Lijun of the Department of Accounting and Associate Professor Peng Juan on strategic cooperation between the two sides, who jointly signed the Memorandum of Understanding on strategic cooperation.To get more news about MBA college in China, you can visit official website.

Richard Li first expressed his thanks to ACEM for its recognition and support for cooperation with IMA and introduced the contents of strategic cooperation between the two sides. In view of ACEM’s in-depth research in industry, IMA and ACEM will work together to accumulate and invest resources based on the characteristics of both sides and try the industry research cooperation of "IMA + accounting team + X industry team". At the same time, IMA will also open and make accessible to faculty and students of ACEM the management accounting case writing and thesis awards, summit forum, IMA annual meeting, enterprise visit, case competition, CMA scholarship, campus lecture and other related cooperation. Chen Fangruo welcomed the party of IMA and the cooperation between the two sides. He said that the signing of this MOU was a good start for the cooperation between ACEM and IMA.

The two sides can cooperate in industry research, personnel training, international cooperation and other aspects, and there are broad prospects for cooperation in the future. Chen said that, ACEM’s combination of academic research with industry research with the idea of "cultivating interdisciplinary talents proficient in theory and practice" was recognized and concerned by teachers and students, enterprises and peers, and was an important measure of business school reform. Industry research can form the understanding of the industry through accumulation and comparison, thus grasping the industry trend and cycle, with relatively long-term and stable framework. ACEM has achieved preliminary results in promoting the industry research strategy for more than two years. In addition, industry experience exchange and knowledge sharing is also an important development direction of the work of the Industry Research Institute. The ecosystem formed by the combination of multiple cooperation modes and the participation of faculty students, alumni, sister institutions and social organizations will deepen the degree, broaden the prospect and diversify the ways of industry research. At the same time, the two sides reached a consensus on the role of accounting subject in empowering various industries and participating in industry research.

Based on the consensus of both sides on promoting industry research, strengthening management practice and personnel training, and exporting excellent management experience, ACEM will join hands with IMA to carry out in-depth cooperation in industry research, visits, lectures, scholarships and other fields.Also present at the signing ceremony were Yang Zhe, director of the Administrative Office of Industry Research Institute, Shen Renqi, deputy director of the Dean's Office, and Ding Leping, deputy director of the Student Work and Career Development Office.*IMA was founded in 1919, and is a leading international management accountant organization, providing the most valuable qualification and high-quality services for the management and financial professionals in enterprises. As one of the largest and most respected professional accountant associations in the world, IMA is committed to changing the traditional mode of thinking in the financial field, serving the global financial management industry, promoting enterprise performance optimization, and helping personal career development of employees.