Complete Biotin Plus Reviews – Is It Worth It?

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Balding is more common in men than women because of hormonal differences. Most people start shedding their hair with age. However, some women can start losing their hair after using certain chemicals, exposure to toxins, and hormonal imbalances.

Balding is more common in men than women because of hormonal differences. Most people start shedding their hair with age. However, some women can start losing their hair after using certain chemicals, exposure to toxins, and hormonal imbalances.

Every woman and man desires to maintain a healthy, beautiful mane. For this reason, most spend a lot of money on beauty products. Healthy aging is only possible when your body receives the correct nutrient combinations.

Hair loss in women is common during pregnancy, after birth, under high-stress levels, and during menopause. Most women panic after noticing hair loss. Balding can rob men and women of their happiness, affect their sexual life, and lower their self-confidence.

Hair implants and wigs are pricey. Similarly, the standard hair regrowth serums and conditioners do not significantly change. Also, some medications like minoxidil and Rogaine are addictive and require users to use them their whole life.

What is Complete Biotin Plus?

The hair is primarily made of binding keratin molecules. The body can create adequate keratin with certain minerals, biotin, and vitamins. However, hormonal changes, stress levels increase, and menopause may prevent your system from absorbing the keratin-producing nutrients, effectively leading to hair loss.

Complete Biotin Plus combines various nutrients that enhance keratin production and support natural hair growth. The hair regrowth formula uses Micelle Liposomal Technology to deliver ample keratin-producing nutrients with each serving. The daily supplementation tastes like a fresh cinnamon roll flavored supplement.

Per the formulator, Complete Biotin Plus is 100% safe and capris natural ingredients only. In addition, the blend of nutrients is Vegan, Paleo, and Keto friendly and targets the root cause of hair loss, thus enabling natural hair regrowth.

How Does Everbella Complete Biotin Plus Work?

Everbella states they use high-quality ingredients to create every drop of the Complete Biotin Plus hair-growing formula. The procedure has several vitamins, nutrients, and other plant extracts to address the root of balding in women. Each element is carefully selected from organic sources.

Complete Biotin Plus works by balancing the female hormone estrogen. The oral cinnamon-flavored drops comprise ingredients that fight inflammations that weaken keratin production. Similarly, the hair regrowth oral serum improves cellular health allowing your system to create new and robust hair cells within a short duration.

Complete Biotin Plus also lowers cholesterol and optimizes blood circulation under the scalp. The formulation supposedly uses liposomal technology to ensure your body absorbs enough nutrients to augment keratin production.

Everbella claims their hair supplement can stimulate moisturization, which is essential in promoting cell growth. The moisture-locking ingredients protect the scalp and hair strands from becoming dry and itchy. Similarly, Compete Biotin Plus works by strengthening and improving the hair texture to prevent breakages.

Complete Biotin Plus Ingredients

Everbella declares that they use high-quality ingredients to prepare the Complete Biotin Plus formula. The constituents are supposedly science-based. Also, the company uses liposomal technology to ensure the body absorbs and utilizes the various ingredients after each serving.


Biotin is a common ingredient in most dietary supplements for skin, bone, and hair. Science shows that biotin is essential in enhancing collagen production and improving skin and joint health. Unfortunately, most biotin formulas on the market are unsubstantiated. According to Everbella, the harsh digestive tract chemicals supposedly destroy the biotin structure.

Complete Biotin Plus utilizes the liposomal micelle science to ensure your system absorbs adequate biotin. The unique technology protects the biotin and other nutrients using a fatty acid bubble enabling the small intestines to absorb the nutrients in their pure form.

Everbella claims that the micelle technology increases the absorption rate by up to 800 percent. Thus, users may notice significant improvement within a short period.

Vitamin D3

Scientific evidence shows that you can get adequate vitamin D from sun basking. Still, with most people busy, getting their vitamin D from the sun’s rays can be difficult. Vitamin D can regulate hormones and improve hair growth.

Vitamin D heightens keratin production, thus augmenting the growth of new hair cells. Complete Biotin Plus claims that vitamin D balances the estrogen hormone during pregnancy, menopause, or menstruation, thus preventing hair loss.

Black Cumin Seed Oil

Scientists refer to the Black Cumin as Nigella Sativa. The black cumin seed oil has been in use for hundreds of years. Traditional healers used cumin seeds to treat various health issues and fortify their immunity.

Recent studies indicated that cumin seed oil could lower unhealthy inflammations, thus protecting the slap from various infections. Similarly, it is an immune booster supplement. Cumin seed oil may also optimize blood circulation, particularly under the scalp facilitating better nutrient intake.

Cumin seed oil may also manage asthma symptoms and augment brain health. Complete Biotin Plus cites a clinical trial showing the effectiveness of cumin seed oil in hair growth and improving skin health.

Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin seeds can fight the hormones that block hair growth. In combination with vitamin D, the seed oil enhances hair growth and can improve scalp exfoliation.


Selenium can lower stress and anxiety levels. The nutrient supports thyroid health and improves overall immunity. Selenium may also stabilize moods and enhance the quality of sleep. Complete Biotin Plus cleanses the scalp allowing hair regrowth.


It gives the Complete Biotin Plus a fantastic taste, may stimulate circulation, and can fight off hair dryness. Similarly, it is antifungal, encourages hair growth and reduces hair loss, detoxifies, and moisturizes the scalp in readiness for hair growth.

Complete Biotin Plus Dosage

Everbella recommends taking one to two tablespoons of the Complete Biotin Plus daily. It is natural, healthy, and tasty. Similarly, each tablespoon of the hair growth supplement contains no common allergens such as yeast, dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar, and soy.

Complete Biotin Plus Benefits

  • It can improve hair growth and reverse balding.
  • It supports the growth of strong, thick, and full mane
  • It can alleviate stress and enable users to get adequate sleep
  • It can boost energy levels and improve brain performance
  • It can develop cognition
  • It enhances the skin, nail, and joint health

Complete Biotin Plus Pricing

Everbella is currently giving amazing discounts on all orders. You can buy cinnamon roll flavored Complete Biotin Plus only via the official website. In addition, each Complete Biotin Pus order comes with a 180-day hassle-free satisfaction guarantee. Consumers can buy the Complete Biotin Plus in one-month supplies or up to three-month with each bottle containing 15 tablespoon-sized servings supplies to save money:

  • One Bottle $44.95
  • Two Bottles $38.25 Each
  • Three Bottles $33.75 Each

Each Complete Biotin Plus order comes with a 3-months money-back guarantee. Customers can reach out to EverBella Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST at:



Complete Biotin Plus is a cinnamon-flavored daily combats hair loss for men and women. It consists of six science-based ingredients and uses liposomal micelle technology to ensure the body absorbs the nutrients. Everbella claims that 1-3 tablespoons of the oral serum can moisturize the skin, enhance immunity, and accelerate hair growth.

Using Complete Biotin Plus for a few weeks supports the development of shiny and strong hair. Similarly, the formula can benefit the heart, nail, skin, and joint health. Each Complete Biotin Plus order comes with a 3-months money-back guarantee.