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Comparison about differences approximately small system seal branding and blackout lining paper: substantial cigarette Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes Online close printing choosing gravure branding, vertical tier printing thickness certainly is the same, two waste tobacco virtually the dept Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes Online of transportation is self evident, the contract is a great deal more regular, all the size is normally more gi, the color for the lining conventional paper is dark, concave phase is gi; False butt seal directory line branding thickness differs from the others, two waste tobacco virtually the dept of transportation some contract of abnormal, uneven proportions, inner blackout lining paper color choice is finer, concave phase dense.

Floor difference equivalence: real smoke cigars transparent conventional paper hot wrapping up contraction is normally uniform, purely natural, there really are traces for the soldering club, trademark conventional paper corner flip gap is normally large; Unrealistic smoke clear paper awesome sealing shrinking clutter, brand paper nearby folding very small, no hole.

The impact and equivalence of structure tobacco: the structure width and time real smoke are small and gi, with wonderful gloss lube moistening, softer and get rid of, and a lot less broken. All the cut smoke structure is normally leaf Cigarettes Hot Sale man made fibre, expanded originate silk and additionally paper-making recycled smoke leaf. All the fake smoke has rowdy technology, deep and monotonous color, and better broken creations. The smoke structure will be leaf man made fibre and originate silk lacking expansion treatment plan. There is very little papermaking tactic to recreate smoke leaf.