Ancient Imperial Palace and Modern Empress

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Shen Xu's eyes darkened, and he didn't take her back to Pingcheng to let her be wronged. Mrs. Liang asked Ning Xiang to step down, and then Ning Xiang sobbed and left.

You! I prefer to look at people with color. Your clothes, tut, this elegant, this noble, really more and more love to see, "Kangxi's face showed a smile, she was so straightforward and explicit praise that he was not used to it." But this is the man in clothes, look-defeat! As soon as Fang changed the subject, she was very proud to see Kangxi's face suddenly change. "Humph!" He did not speak, but went straight to the pavilion and sat down. Strangely enough, although he was upset, Fang scolded him, but he was not very angry, but some expected her to scold something. When Fang saw him walking away without saying a word, she walked over to him and waved her hand in front of his eyes. "Hey, Emperor, I said Emperor, Xuan Ye!" She shouted, what a daze ah, Kangxi looked up at her, "Hey, you will not really angry!"! You can't be so mean. I'm kidding. You are actually very handsome. You don't have to feel inferior. Others say that the prime minister can push a boat in his stomach. You are the emperor. Hey, talk to me! Fanger sat down beside him, and Kangxi smelled the faint fragrance on her body. "Emperor, since ancient times,metal racking systems, there has been no emperor who is as cowardly as me. Have you ever seen an emperor who is more useless than me?" Kangxi smiled bitterly. "I've seen a lot." How many useful emperors did you have in the Qing Dynasty? Said Fang. "Oh, you don't have to comfort me. I can't even decide such a thing as marrying a wife. Why should I be an emperor?" Why did he have to marry Hersheri? Why didn't he choose his own concubine? "What kind of pity is that?"? You'll have plenty of chances to marry the one you like. Women are miserable. They can only marry one, and they are not allowed to choose by themselves. Her nose is sour, and she is really wronged. "You can't manage family affairs by yourself, and you can't decide state affairs." Kangxi did not pay attention to what Fang said and said to himself. "Come on, this girl has made decisions for you." Fang patted her chest and said. "You?" Kangxi shook his head with a smile. "I ask you.". If you have a leopard, you have a tiger. One day the leopard wants to kill the tiger. If you kill it, there will be only the tiger around you. But if you fail, the tiger will be more unscrupulous and you will be more dangerous. Do you think you should let the leopard kill the tiger? "What kind of leopard and tiger?" Don't talk in a roundabout way. Fang's face did not understand. "Stupid!" Kangxi said grumpily that he had said so clearly. "You want to quarrel again!" Cried Fang. "I've said so much, but you don't understand. What are you if not slow?" It was impossible for him to say this to others in the court. As long as he said it, everyone would know that he was talking about Suksaha and Oboi. "I don't know about leopards and tigers. How can there be an old leopard around you." The tiger you said is Oboi? Oh, it hurts. Xuanye, let go, automated warehouse systems ,industrial racking systems, bastard. Why are you so excited? "Kangxi was shocked to hear a servant girl say something taboo in the court so lightly. Her face suddenly changed and she grabbed her wrist in a hurry." You say tiger, well, I'll tell you what to do. Tell me a story. In the forest, there were two people who were chased by tigers. They were wearing leather shoes. "Leather shoes?" "Don't interrupt!"! To put it another way, "It's really troublesome to communicate with ancient people. Fang took off her shoes and didn't stand firm. When she was about to fall down, Kangxi hugged her. Fang stared at him. How could the atmosphere be so strange?"? She blushed as she stared at him. The way she blushed was so lovely that he couldn't help leaning down and trying to kiss her. "For example, they wear shoes like mine that are unstable and can't run fast." Man's shoes are really uncomfortable to wear, the poor thing is to continue to wear in the palace. "The tiger was chasing after him, so one of them stopped and changed into a pair of shoes that were easy to run.". Another person is strange, ask: "What do you change a shoe to do, run impossibly faster than tiger..." "Yes, it can't be faster than a tiger." Kangxi was attracted by the story and asked. "Stupid!"! The man said, "I don't need to be faster than the tiger, I just need to be faster than you!" Fang said, seeing Kangxi looking at her doubtfully, "I don't understand?"? IQ problem. The leopard and the tiger fight, as long as they don't hit you. No matter how they play, you can always have one less beast around you. If you win, it will be peaceful. If you lose, it will be less than a leopard. Said Fang. Kangxi looked at her for a long time, but didn't he just lose a leopard? Chess can be attacked and retreated, and this game must be played in any case. He looked at her gratefully. "Little girl, you really helped me!" "You're welcome." He's not so annoying when he's not fighting. Suddenly I heard someone calling the emperor, "Oh, it's Cao Xueqin's grandfather!" Hey, brother emperor, I'll go first. If there was any misunderstanding, she was so unlucky that she forgot to go to the toilet. "Your Majesty, I am looking for you everywhere.". It's time to return to the palace. Cao Yin said. She can figure out why I can't figure it out. It gives me a different feeling every time. Kangxi said to himself, Cao Yin looked at Kangxi in a trance, I do not know what happened. "Why are you here at this hour?" Kangxi scolded, "Go, wait, Cao Yin, you let Jieshu come to see me." Let Jieshu examine Sukesaha, and Jieshu will not dare not ask. When the time comes, Jieshu will participate in Oboi and form a siege. If he wins, he will rest easy. If he loses, he will only lose an abandoned son. "Your Majesty, let's go back to the palace and talk about it." His master will get married tomorrow, and he will not forget the national affairs. Oh, I said,High Density Storage Drive In Rack, aunt, this apple is not for you to eat. "It tastes good, it's not bad." Fang said strangely. Why do these Fujin Gege have such a strange expression. 。