Matchmaker's career in the sixties

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When Dongshu passed by, the concierge saw it as if he had seen a savior. There's a master at last, and he can't stand it any more.

Everyone chattered for a long time, and when they were lying on the Kang in the dead of night, Han Niannian asked Chen Ling in a low voice, "Lingling, do you have any feelings for him?" After a blind date, the first thing the matchmaker has to do is ask each other what they mean in order to decide whether they can continue to get along with each other. Fortunately, at night, in the dark, there was nothing to be ashamed of. Chen Ling hesitated to say what she thought. "It's not bad. It's quite to my liking." Han Niannian couldn't help laughing. "Then I'll ask Yao Dayong again tomorrow and listen to what he means." The matchmaker was just running errands, and Han Niannian was thinking about finishing things quickly, so he went to the Yao family early the next morning to find out what the Yao family was talking about. Yao Dayong's cheeks were flushed and he stumbled. "Still..". It's okay 。” "What do you mean?" Aunt Yao gave her son a white look, greeted Han Niannian to sit on the Kang, and took Han Niannian's hand. "Big girl, you are predestined with our family, and my aunt won't hide it from you. The girl of the Chen family, I like her very much. The dead boy of Dayong can't say it. I'm his own mother, and I can see it. Dayong also likes it in his heart. As long as the Chen family has no opinion about our Dayong, It's easy to talk about gifts and so on. Han Niannian patted Aunt Yao's hand. "Aunt, I remember what you said. I'll tell her about my aunt.". I also asked Lingling. She has a good impression of Dayong. According to my opinion, let him be together first. After a period of time, he has no opinion. Then put the marriage on the agenda. Do you think this is OK? "All right,Magnesium Oxide MgO, listen to the big girl!" Aunt Yao said with a smile, "I saw that the eldest daughter was young, and I guess if she didn't know the way of matchmaking, her feelings would still be that she didn't know Mount Tai, but I didn't expect the eldest daughter to do things so well!" Han Niannian laughed and felt guilty. Coming out of Aunt Yao's house, Han Niannian heaved a sigh of relief and looked around to see that no one was there. He reached into his pocket and took out a bag of bread and ate as he walked. Even if the matchmaking is half successful now, what they will get along with in the future depends on their fate. [Host,Magnesium Oxide price, you can look for the next target during this time.] Looking for a target again.. Can't you just let her breathe? 。 [Host, I want to give you an account, a thousand red lines according to your current speed..] Stop! Stop. Han Niannian was afraid, "can't I go to find the target now?" [Host, you're a teachable child. Go, go, go.] Han Niannian has a headache and wants to pull her hair. She has been here for only three or four days. She is not familiar with people and places. Why should people believe that she is a matchmaker? The slag system is really standing and talking without pain! Walking home, Ye Lanying cooked dinner, thin flour porridge stirred with corn flour, and steamed buns with sorghum flour. Han Niannian ate bread on the way, but he had no appetite at all. He symbolically drank half a bowl of porridge. Nian Nian, it's like being in your own home. Don't always cheat. Chen Aiguo opened his mouth, "Don't worry about the grain blindly, just eat what you should eat." Han Niannian was so moved that he couldn't help treating Chen Aiguo as his own uncle. "Uncle, I have a small appetite. I really can't eat much." As she spoke, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, Han Niannian changed the subject and told Chen Aiguo and Han Guijuan what she had found at Aunt Yao's house. Han Guijuan beamed, "to tell you the truth, I like that young man very much!" Chen Aiguo didn't see Yao Dayong himself. He hesitated and said, "In that case, let them get along with each other. This marriage is almost over." ...... Yangchun March, the recovery of all things, Chen Ling's girl's heart also followed the budding, the water color is more beautiful than before. Han Niannian saw Yao Dayong more than once in the supply and marketing cooperative to buy toothpaste, toilet paper and so on. Han Niannian was so full of bad taste that he couldn't help but want to tease the secretive young couple. Dayong, your production team also has a supply and marketing cooperative, and you have come all the way to the street to buy it. Yao Dayong scratched his head in embarrassment, and I didn't see the following for a long time. Sister, don't laugh at us.. "Chen Ling pulled Han Niannian with a worried look on her face.". Han Niannian was also afraid that Chen Ling would become angry from embarrassment. He waved his hand to let Chen Ling go out. "All right, let Dayong take you around the dam. I'll watch the supply and marketing cooperatives.". ” The current atmosphere is not very open, even if two people have been on a blind date, there are not many opportunities to meet, the most staged drama is like Yao Dayong, by buying things to cover up, in fact, in order to be able to say a few words. Han Niannian is bored guarding the supply and marketing cooperative, calculating how many things she has saved in her space, after searching again, depressed to find that she actually did not save much food, but a lot of snacks and clothes. Coming here for a few days, Han Niannian's impression of the present is that he is short of food, very short of food. In this case, if she still wants to sell grain for money, she is really a fool. But how can the rice and white flour in her space be taken out to subsidize the Chen family? In a trance, an aunt in a gray blouse came in. Han Niannian recognized that it was Chen Ling's aunt in the clan. Auntie, come to see my aunt. My aunt has gone to the river to wash her clothes. Aunt Chen laughed and said, "Big girl, I'm not looking for your aunt. I'm looking for you." Han Niannian pointed to himself, "looking for me?" Aunt Chen walked a few steps to the stone platform and took out a piece of toilet paper from her pocket, on which the eight characters of their birthdays were written. Han Niannian suddenly said, "Aunt is looking for me to check the eight characters." Chapter 8 eight characters clash. Aunt Chen's eldest son, Chen Weiliang, asked someone to look at the girl from the next village this spring. Her name was Zhang Lanfeng. The little girl was very handsome, but after getting along with her, Aunt Chen didn't like her very much. The reason is that Zhang Lanfeng always asks her son about the bride price and says that she wants to buy a sewing machine when she gets married. There was nothing wrong with asking for a betrothal gift, but Zhang Lanfeng mentioned it too early. The eight characters were not skimmed, and they were not ready to decide. All day long, the money made Aunt Chen very unhappy. Just a few days before Chen Ling blind date, Aunt Chen learned that Han Niannian would be right, so she asked her son to ask for the eight characters of Zhang Lanfeng's birthday, and copied them on toilet paper to find Han Niannian to calculate whether they were suitable or not. Han Niannian took it over and looked at it. He shook his head and said to Aunt Chen, "Aunt,Magnesium Oxide price, we are all our own people. If I have something to say, I will say it directly." "Just say it, and don't fool your aunt with nice words!" 。