Hou Weidong's officialdom notes

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When Dongshu passed by, the concierge saw it as if he had seen a savior. There's a master at last, and he can't stand it any more.

Compared with the ballroom, the outside world is the real world. The ballroom is not over. There are several stalls making cold drinks. There is no customer in the cold. The stall owners are all nearby residents. They guard the stall feebly. When they see Hou Weidong coming out, they all look at him hopefully. Entered the college from the back door, although it is a wall, it is two completely different worlds, the vegetation of the college has become, lush and full of vitality, in this some hot and dry summer night, growing rapidly, Hou Weidong did not take the road, but in the forest path through, although graduation is very short, his soul has been not a small impact, all the feelings. It's different from when I was a student. There are lovers snuggling together in the woods. These lovers who choose to stay have all kinds of reasons. Hou Weidong thought silently: "Things after graduation are really hard to explain. While we can be together now, we should have a good love. When we recall the days of youth in the future, we will have a dream." This kind of idea is very gloomy. Hou Weidong in the campus suddenly thought that Xiaojia was still waiting for him in Shazhou. He was undergoing the patient and meticulous ideological education work of Zhang yuanzheng and Chen Qingrong. He secretly asked himself: "Am I a playboy radish? Why do I have a big heart when I face this long-haired woman tonight?" Hou Weidong can ask himself, he thinks of Xiaojia all the time, and his yearning becomes more and more intense with the increase of the time of departure,Magnesium Oxide powder, but it does not prevent him from embracing this woman. Xiaojia often said: a man's heart can be divided into several pieces and given to different people, while a woman's heart is a solid whole, given to one person, it is difficult to accommodate other people. Right now, Hou Weidong thinks doubtfully: Is what Xiaojia says true. Not far from the hostel, there is a small bookstore. This is a shop that the college has licensed to open on campus in order to take care of the families of teachers who do not have jobs. Hou Weidong is very familiar with these small shops. He saw at a glance that the small bookstore he often went to was lit up as usual. Into the bookstore, the proprietress is not,Magnesium Oxide powder, an unknown girl in the shop, see someone come in, also do not greet, take a book to read with relish. Hou Weidong looked in the bookstore for a while, and came in a person, stopped in front of the social literature and philosophy bookcase, Hou Weidong also did not notice who this person is, but inadvertently turned his head, but found that this person is actually vice president Ji Daolin. Hou Weidong took the initiative to greet: "Hello, President Ji." Ji Daolin wore a silk short sleeve with excellent texture. He took one look at Hou Weidong and said strangely, "Hou Weidong, why are you here?" Hou Weidong did not expect Ji Daolin to be able to call out his name, can not help but be flattered, diammonium phosphate fertilizer ,calcium nitrate sol, then briefly said the recent situation. Qinglin Town, this is the town I have been to, very hard, you have to be mentally prepared. Ji Daolin took out a book from the bookcase and said, "Look at the problem in two ways. The most difficult places often have special opportunities. As long as you grasp them with your heart and experience them with your heart, you will surely have a harvest." Ji Daolin encouraged a few words. Suddenly his face was a little gloomy. He said, "Teacher Zhu of your department had a sudden cerebral hemorrhage a few days ago. He has passed away." Teacher Zhu is a lecturer in civil law in the Department of Political Science and Law. He has rich knowledge and excellent eloquence. He is most praised by students. Hou Weidong was a little surprised and said, "Professor Zhu is in such good health. Why did he suddenly leave?" "Teacher Zhu wanted to evaluate the associate professor and test English. His English was not very good, so he worked overtime at home to study. Who knew that something had happened. The hospital tried its best to rescue him, but he was not saved." Ji Daolin took out his pen and wrote a few words on the book. He raised his head and said, "Hou Weidong, you are an outstanding graduate of Shazhou University. I believe you will bring glory to your alma mater. This is Lu Yao's Ordinary World, a gift from your teacher." Unexpectedly received a gift from Jidaolin, Hou Weidong was so excited that he sent Jidaolin out of the bookstore and returned to the hostel with the Ordinary World. Chapter 24 was originally a distribution (1). This night, Hou Weidong will dream of Xiaojia, will dream of this mysterious long-haired woman, and even Duan Ying's fragments flashed in his mind. Hou Weidong finally chose Xiaojia in his dream. They hugged each other regardless of everything. When he woke up, Hou's shorts were wet. I had a wet dream! This made Hou Weidong sigh with emotion. He found toilet paper from his pants bag and wiped the coconut flavor of life essence on his underwear. Hou Weidong had no nocturnal emission since he had a good relationship with Xiaojia. Today, a mysterious long-haired woman unexpectedly attracted a long-lost nocturnal emission. The next morning, there was a hard and uncomfortable place in front of the underwear, but there was only one pair of underwear beside him. Although it was uncomfortable, he had to wear it. When he arrived at the station and saw the bus bound for Qinglin Town, Hou Weidong took a deep breath. This bus was the dirtiest one in the whole Yiyang Bus Station, and it was the only bus that got on the bus first and then bought a ticket. The car was full of all kinds of goods, and the aisle was piled with bamboo baskets, in which there were rags of unknown origin, and two machines that could not be named. The oil was black and shiny. Hou Weidong carefully avoided, but his clothes were still dirty. At the time of departure, the train was crowded with people and goods. Walking for an hour, the road is getting worse and narrower, the clothes of passengers are getting worse and dirtier, the car is full of vulgar laughter with words, and a few ducks are "quacking, quacking" in front of them. After walking for a while, the road changed qualitatively, one pit after another, the big pit covered the small pit, the bus was like dancing in the ballroom, shaking here and there, Hou Weidong's clothes had been in close contact with bamboo baskets and machinery for countless times, and he was forced to become one with the people of Qinglin. Three hours later,Magnesium Sulphate producer, he finally arrived at a shabby town. Hou Weidong stood in the middle of the town and had a panoramic view of the town. Although he knew that the conditions in the town were poor, Hou Weidong could not hide his disappointment. In order to stabilize his mood, he took out the last branch of Hongta Mountain and stood on the side of the street and lit it. stargrace-magnesite.com