Ka Tu Ka Tu Ka Tu

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When Dongshu passed by, the concierge saw it as if he had seen a savior. There's a master at last, and he can't stand it any more.

Chen Mu turned around, gazed at the four hundred people, and raised his voice: "Ladies and gentlemen, we all know the situation.". Now that you have followed me here, I am deeply honored! However His tone changed and his voice turned cold: "The situation is critical now, and I think everyone knows it.". I can't guarantee that I will be out of danger, but if we are all in the same boat, there is still a chance. But there is a premise, that is, everyone needs to obey my orders! If you can't do that, please leave! Qiu Shanyu saw the opportunity very quickly. She raised her voice coldly and said, "From now on, everyone in Faya, including me, will obey the orders of Colonel Chen Mu!"! Those who disobey, kill! "Yes!" Fayakaxiu, who came with Fang Shi, was awe-inspiring. Jiao Si also stood out at this time: "Siyuan College Carthew, anyone, including the old man, obey the command of the head of Chen Mu, if there are those who refuse to obey, kill!" They are battle-hardened people, know how difficult and dangerous this is, Chen Mu's request is reasonable, this statement is naturally crisp and neat. Seeing this, all the other Carthews expressed their views one after another. After learning that Chen Mu was the leader of the Snow Worm Carthew Group, some hope rose in everyone's heart. Chen Mu himself is a tactical master, coupled with Bagnell such a top figure in federal tactics, not to mention the fighting capacity of the Snow Worm Carthew regiment itself is quite strong. And some people with lively minds even thought that Chen Mu had another trump card in his hand-Muzi Camp! Chen Mu nodded with a calm expression: "Good!"! But the ugly words are ahead,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, if someone disobeys the order, the military law is merciless! This sentence he did not deliberately emphasize, but the hearts of the people is a Rin. Chen Mu nodded and said to Bagnell, "Let's go." The Snow Worm Carthew Group took the lead in setting out, and all the people headed for the Snow Ridge Valley. In the crowd, the blue scar man asked in a low voice, "What do you think of this group of snow worms?" The man in the dark golden mask pondered, "It lives up to its reputation!"! You can see that it marches in an orderly way and keeps its formation in an excellent way. Then look at their team members, look calm, no fear of color. These two points are more than the vast majority of Carthew groups. As for firepower, there is no way to judge. Cyan scar man agrees: "You say so, I also feel.". Do you think the city of a thousand lakes can be defended? "I don't think so." Dark gold mask man shook his head: "The power of the two sides is too great disparity.". Although the city of a thousand lakes is dangerous to defend, but this time the desert camp is like a deliberate plan, how can it not take the war card? But Carthew next to him interrupted, "That's not necessarily true. As long as they can stick to it for a while, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, I'm afraid it's the desert camp that will suffer.". Hum, almost all the leaders in the winter area are in this thousand lakes. By now, it is estimated that Carthew is rushing this way in a hurry. The dark golden mask man kept silent, and the green scar man frowned: "Since you said so, why did you run out?" The name Carthew immediately laughed: "Carthew who has no backstage like us, even if he is guarding the city, must be the cannon fodder who died in front of him.". I guess the city has started the compulsory recruitment now. Hey, I don't want to be cannon fodder. The blue scarred man showed a different color on his face and said in surprise, "You are a thief!"! But aren't you afraid he'll treat you like cannon fodder? He turned his back in the morning and evening and bared his lips. Hey, hey, it's almost the same. They all sell themselves. However, selling oneself is also fastidious. With our condition, sell to frost moon cold continent, people may not even look at it. Sell it to Manager Bai, and it's sure to be worth two yuan. Cyan scar remembers male one Leng, laugh immediately: "Be reasonable!" Be reasonable! "Dude, where are you from?" Carthew asked curiously. I "I am Yang Shanfei," said the blue scar man casually. Episode 6 Section 555 One starts the whole body. "Yang.." Yang Shan Fei. Carthew stammered and stared blankly at the blue scarred man. Suddenly he woke up and said, "You're here, too!" Yang Shanfei grinned. "Am I very old?" "Not old, not old!" The Carthew shook his head hurriedly. Ha ha, I won't talk to you. Yang Shan flew back to the man in the dark gold mask. Sue. Look, there are a lot of smart people! Yang Shanfei laughed. The man in the dark mask, known as Sue, did not hum, but continued to fly at high speed with the big team. The Carthew peeped at Sue cautiously, guessing Sue's identity in his heart. A line of people look dignified, this trip is dangerous, can survive, no one knows. The desert camp Carthew is so ferocious that they rarely accept surrender. Although their troops are recuperating, hundreds of hunting teams have begun to clean up the scattered Carthew in this area. No one has been seen to surrender successfully, and all of them have been killed. After flying for about half an hour, the team finally stopped. Ahead, a snowy valley is faintly visible. Snow Ridge Valley. The 76th squadron of the desert battalion is resting. Captain Chai Jun of the Seventy-sixth Squadron glanced around with satisfaction and said with a smile, "Not bad.". The intelligence department's terrain detection is very accurate. Let's cheer up. Our task is to lock this small valley for five hours. Just wait for the main force to rest. Ha, finish the job in one battle and wipe out Qianhu City. The vice captain beside him also laughed and said, "In such a terrain, not to mention five hours, even if it is guarded for eight or ten days, it is no problem.". Besides, there are hunting teams around that can support at any time. Don't worry, boss! Chai Jun thought so deeply in his heart, but he still reminded him: "Don't be careless.". One or two mice were spared, and the boss's military law was no joke. The lieutenant shivered and nodded. Su Heiming was in charge of the desert camp for a short time, but the means were so ruthless that they kept silent. In a very short time, Suheiming completed the internal cleaning and reorganization. Now in the desert camp, it is very difficult to see the shadow of the previous generation. What do you think, drillmaster? Chai Jun respectfully asked another man who had been silent. The instructor is a unique presence in the desert camp,calcium ammonium nitrate price, which is also the characteristic of the desert camp. For example, Su Heiming is the chief instructor of the entire desert camp. The instructors of the desert camp are different from the captains. They do not directly intervene in the affairs of the team, but they have great power. stargrace-magnesite.com