Yue Fan-Boudoir Warrior

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Tong Ziqi smiled again. He said, "Is Rong Yue'e so heavy?" "Anyway,Teardrop Pallet Racking, beating is love, and scolding is love." Tong Ziqi had to admit that it was negligence. Liang Zhaotang asked, "Do you want to punish her slightly?" 。

Boy Chi smiled bitterly and said, "Oh, ***, do you think I'm Superman?" "But you weren't like that before." "Everyone gets tired. I need a rest now. Please don't ask questions, OK?" Yin Danfeng was a little convinced and said, "Then why don't you sleep?" Boy Qi sighed, "Oh, ***, how can I sleep with you beside me?" Yin Danfeng sat up and stared at him and asked, "Are you going to drive me away?" Boy Tzu Chi shook his hand and replied, "I didn't mean that, but you really should leave." "You don't mean that?" Tong Ziqi explained, "If Ran Zhaotang finds out.". What Rong Yue'e took back was underwear, and the Eighth World War would call someone to find me. "Will he really come here?" Asked Yin Danfeng. "***, he can find it anywhere." Yin Danfeng hesitated and felt that this small inn was not a safe place. All right, I'll hide right away. She finally agreed and said, "But you …" Boy Tzu Chi smiled and said, "Oh, just stay at home and I'll bring the good news back." "Are you sure you can deal with them?" Asked Yin Danfeng worriedly. "I didn't." The boy shook his head with a smile. "I wasn't sure when I was dealing with Lady Huarui." Hearing this, Yin Danfeng had to stay. Before he left, he grabbed him by the ear and warned him again and again,drive in racking system, "If I hear that you dare to touch another woman, I will kill you." If a woman marries a man, she wants to tie her husband tightly to the waist of her trousers. You're all right. Now, Tong Ziqi finally breathed a sigh of relief. He's not Superman, and he needs to sleep. Whew. Whew.. With the sound of snoring, he went to sleep naturally. When the boy woke up, it was dark outside the small window, and it was dusk again. The wind blew in from the window with a smell of wine. It is the aroma of real Maotai. Strange. There shouldn't be this kind of wine in this kind of inn. Tong Ziqi rolled his eyes and suddenly said,industrial racking systems, "Wow, a friend who drinks outside, no matter who you are."? You are welcome to come in as a young chicken, but don't forget to bring the wine with you. "Tuk Tuk." Soon, there was a knock at the door. The door is unlocked. Please come in. The door was pushed open, and the man was holding two bowls in his right hand and a flagon in his left. My name is Red Nose. He laughed and said, "Please come here specially. I know you haven't got up yet, so I went outside to warm the wine." Tong Ziqi looked at him and said lightly, "It was Liang Zhaotang who asked you to come to me." Red Nose nodded with a smile and said, "Our master is waiting for you." "Oh, ***," said Tong Ziqi coldly, "it's a pity that I can't even stand up now, and I have no way to see him." Red Nose said with a smiling face, "The people of our hall already know that someone has offended Master Tong, mobile racking systems ,warehouse storage racks, so they specially asked Xiao Ke to bring something to vent his anger on you." "***, what is it? Where is it?" "Pop, pop, pop." Red Nose turned and clapped his hands. At that moment, a beautiful woman came in slowly with a piece of nail board in her hand. She is Rong Yue'e. Now, she couldn't get up any more, and she lowered her head like a defeated cricket. As soon as Rong Yue'e walked in, she handed the nail board to Tong Ziqi and said softly, "I used this nail board to hit you hard. Now, you.." You can give it back to me. Tong Ziqi looked at her. Suddenly he heaved a deep sigh and said with a sigh, "Wow, Master Liang is really awesome. No wonder so many people are willing to work for him." The light of the flower hall is soft and beautiful, and the room is filled with the fragrance of wine. It turned out that Zhu Tao was warming the wine. Rong Yue'e sat on the chair, not knowing whether she was resting with her eyes closed? Still enjoying the tiger skin on the chair. The weather was still cold, and the fire made the flower hall warmer. But the two of them did not feel the slightest warmth. On the rosewood round table, there are several delicate dishes, as if waiting for the guests to come. Pretty good. They are waiting for a guest to come. All over the world, how many people can sit and drink with the Eagle Claw King? "Tuk Tuk." There was a knock on the door, and the doorman who came in to report it said, "Tell me, Master, Master Tong has come.". ” "Ask him to come in alone." The doorman answered "yes" and retreated respectfully. Liang Zhaotang still closed his eyes. After a while, Tong Ziqi stepped into the room. Zhu Tao stepped forward and closed the door gently. At this time, Liang Zhaotang opened his eyes and sat up straight, showing a rare smile on his face, which had originally been produced. You are really extraordinary. "You have amazing accomplishments in martial arts and women," he said with a smile. He had not finished speaking, so the boy waited for him to go on. As expected, Liang Zhaotang went on to say, "I can't even deal with a woman. I didn't expect you to be able to handle it." Tong Ziqi only smiled and did not open his mouth. Because he can't figure out what the other side means. Liang Zhaotang said admiringly, "It's not easy to deceive Cen Huarui and Rong Yue'e, but you did it." The boy replied cleverly, "But I did it for you." Liang Zhaotang looked at him and suddenly laughed and said, "Ha ha-it seems that you are not only smart, but also very cautious." Tong Ziqi sighed and said, "Oh, I can't help being cautious." Liang Zhaotang said tentatively, "Now that the cunning rabbit has succeeded, are people afraid that I will cook you?" Tong Ziqi replied, "Oh, ***, I've heard of the saying that a bird hides itself in its bow and a rabbit dies in its cooking." Liang Zhaotang said slowly, "But you are not the kind of running dog who can only hunt rabbits. You are a person who is very good at doing things. I often need people like you." "Peach blossoms in March," said the boy, relieved. Thank you. "Please sit down." "***," said Tong Ziqi, "I think I'm still standing." Tong Ziqi smiled again. He said, "Is Rong Yue'e so heavy?" "Anyway,Teardrop Pallet Racking, beating is love, and scolding is love." Tong Ziqi had to admit that it was negligence. Liang Zhaotang asked, "Do you want to punish her slightly?" 。 jracking.com