Sparrow in a cage

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Tong Ziqi smiled again. He said, "Is Rong Yue'e so heavy?" "Anyway,Teardrop Pallet Racking, beating is love, and scolding is love." Tong Ziqi had to admit that it was negligence. Liang Zhaotang asked, "Do you want to punish her slightly?" 。

"Well," Xiao Junchi said with a smile, "the princess is known as the first beauty of Qi. Jingling is fascinated and admired for a long time. The army went south just to marry you. As the saying goes, once you look at the city, then you look at the country. "Hard to hear!" She exclaimed, "What is'the whole country and the whole city '?"? The destruction of the family and the death of the people are all put on the women. Since ancient times, only incompetent people can talk nonsense like this. Xiao Junchi said but she was speechless. Suddenly he said, "Yes, yes, yes, the princess is right.". Does the princess want to hear the truth? "Of course I will." "I'm afraid the princess will be angry if she hears it." "Not angry." "Really not angry?" "Then I said it." Xiao Junchi coughed and said, "Things.." It's a little messy. When I think about it now, I still feel very guilty. The princess also knew that my nephew was a little goat. When he saw Liang Luhui, he couldn't walk. He insisted on carrying Liang Fei into the palace and sealing the imperial concubine. It's just Liang Fei. Xiao Junchi rubbed his eyebrows and sighed, "It's also my fault. I loved to joke when I was young, which delayed her." This statement made Jiang Lingzhou's ears stand up all of a sudden. Wang Ye, you just say it. "She showed a gentle smile, a generous and graceful look." My concubine will never be angry. " "Concubine Liang used to tell me that she wanted to be a superior person, so I answered.". I think she's the daughter of a young sergeant. She married into the palace and became an imperial concubine. She's a superior person. But that's not what she wanted.. "To marry Wang Ye?" "Yes." Xiao Junchi nodded his head and said in distress,asrs warehouse, "I don't know what she thinks. I'm a warrior. I'm so vulgar that I have nothing to be happy about except a little power in my hands.". My big Wei daughter has always been affectionate and lively, but this is also a little more affectionate and lively. "Oh." Jiang Lingzhou said, "Wang Ye went on." Rubbing his forehead, Xiao Junchi was somewhat troubled and said, "Forget it. It doesn't matter if the princess doesn't know about these things.". "I'll take care of it myself if I know I'm upset." "Why is my concubine upset?" Jiang Lingzhou smiled more and more gently, "Wang Ye did not tell my concubine without telling him, which made my concubine upset." Xiao Junchi was silent,shuttle rack system, and after thinking for a while, he felt that what Jiang Lingzhou said was also reasonable. So he said slowly, "Later, Concubine Liang married into the palace, and her favor did not fade. But every once in a while, she ordered the maidservant to come to me.". It was so bad that I decided to marry a wife to break her mind. "So Wang Ye picked a concubine?" "Yes.". It's just that there's a reason for it. Xiao Junchi said this sentence indifferently, and suddenly shut up again-he realized that he had said too much. After a while, he smiled and said, "Princess, don't take it to heart. I'm talking nonsense." When Jiang Lingzhou saw that he did not say "the rest of the reason" anyway, his heart itched like a white claw scratching his heart. He went up and put his arm around his shoulder. He shook his arm and said delicately, "Wang Ye, you can tell my concubine." Such as snow jade beauty, cantilever racking system ,wire mesh decking, tender arms around his shoulders and neck, fragrant fragrance, induce people to move slightly in the bottom of their hearts. It is like an orchid candle with the marrow of a phoenix added to it, shining brightly; it is also like a golden reed playing slightly, with the voice of a warbler gliding smoothly. Xiao Junchi almost obediently listened to her words, and finally held back. What I just said is half true, half false, half true and half false. The princess doesn't have to take it to heart. He hugged Huai Ren's slender waist, rubbed his delicate posture up and down with his hands, and his voice sank a little. "Tomorrow you go to Daguangming Temple and stay in the Buddhist temple for one night, so you can't waste it tonight.." Immediately, spring is warm and flowers are blooming, and jade is melting and fragrant. ||| The next day, Jiang Lingzhou followed the Empress Dowager to the Daguangming Temple outside Taiyan City. The chariots and horses of Xiao's female dependents were lined up, and the accompanying maidservants and bodyguards were like a long queue. Seen from a distance, the beautiful chariots and horses, golden cages and jade boxes are magnificent. Jiang Lingzhou had seen the queen mother early in the morning, and learned a good news from the queen mother. Liang Luhui said she was ill and stayed in the West Palace instead of going to Daguangming Temple. Jiang Lingzhou felt that the air was much more comfortable at the thought of not having to see the imperial concubine in the palace. A little woman like Liang Luhui has made no big mistakes. She can't be punished, and she can't be punished. She is always angry in her words. She is like an insect and an ant hiding in the crevice of a beam and a pillar. She cuts with a knife and is overqualified, but she can't beat it with a broom. It's very uncomfortable. The carriage staggered for a long time and arrived outside the city of Taiyan. Daguangming Temple is hidden in the ten-mile green hills outside Taiyan City, with roof tiles and eaves, which is very solemn and solemn. Because the temple is supported by the Xiao family, there are no outsiders on weekdays, so although the temple is magnificent, it is quiet and quiet. The abbot was waiting at the gate of the temple with several small monks, waiting to receive the distinguished female dependents of this line. Empress Dowager Fang got out of the carriage with the help of the female officer, and gently took Jiang Lingzhou's palm and led her to the abbot. Master Miyuki, don't be too polite. Empress Dowager Fang said with a smile, "This is the younger brother and sister of the Ai family, Princess Jiang of Jingling." Master Mixing had a long white beard and brilliant eyes. He was obviously an eminent monk who had attained the Tao, so he was treated with such courtesy by the Empress Dowager Fang. The Dharma Master clasped his hands together and bowed slightly. "I've seen Princess Jingling," he said to Jiang Lingzhou. After the ceremony, Master Mixing led the way and brought a group of people into the Daguangming Temple. Empress Dowager Fang was followed by Empress Lu and three or four high-ranking concubines, as well as Princess He Wanqing of Haozhou and a new face. Out of the corner of his eye, Jiang Lingzhou glanced at the strange woman and asked Aunt Lan in a low voice, "Who is the woman beside Princess Haozhou?" Auntie Lan, who had always been familiar with the ways of the world, had a rare look of embarrassment: "This.." The old man doesn't know. I'm afraid it was only when I was in Jingling for nearly two years that I joined the female dependents of the famous genealogy. When Queen Lu heard this, she smiled and answered for Aunt Lan. The regent princess does not know, this is the king of Haozhou side concubine, Ping Shi, double name Chaoyun. Holding the veil in her hand, she glanced at the Pingshi and suddenly laughed lightly. There was a contemptuous meaning in her words. "Her ancestral home is in Haozhou. The family is engaged in business. It's normal for the princess not to know." Originally the daughter of a merchant's family,shuttle rack system, no wonder Lu Huang showed disdain behind her. Jiang Lingzhou thought so, and suddenly felt that the name "Ping Chaoyun" was familiar, but he could not remember where he had heard it.