Playing the Universe in Online Games

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Tong Ziqi smiled again. He said, "Is Rong Yue'e so heavy?" "Anyway,Teardrop Pallet Racking, beating is love, and scolding is love." Tong Ziqi had to admit that it was negligence. Liang Zhaotang asked, "Do you want to punish her slightly?" 。

Of course, there are also some people who commit crimes or act arbitrarily. Here is their paradise. Here, there is no legal restraint. The lowest nature is the NPC who has only one life. Maybe it is the successor of the NPC, maybe it is the descendants of the players and the NPC. In any case, those who survive here are ordinary NPCs without strength and influence. Today's brain is very clever, from here the system to know the information at this time completely described to the black knife, a few hours later, the black knife has a clearer understanding of the world, although there is no government, no legal constraints, but by a sect, gang and other managers of their own territory. And their territory is not fought for by each other, but by the talents exported every year. The town not far from here and several nearby towns and villages all belong to the Iron Fist Gate. Although the Iron Fist Gate belongs to the less powerful school in the power of Wulin Star, its martial arts are easy to learn, as long as it is willing to bear hardships. Even if the aptitude is average, can also have the achievement, relies on this school to be special, the Iron Fist Gate meets every year. Class mecha driver Although it is a low-level mecha driver, its defense has always been the leader of low-level mecha, because of these reasons, it has achieved today's success. The black knife also knew from the brain that he could not shoot casually, because his every move was under the surveillance of the Wulin District system, as long as he violated the rules,warehouse pallet racks, the earth would protect his own safety. Although the system will not do it in person, it will notify the player forces and their governments in the Wulin Galaxy. At that time, the consequences were unimaginable, anyway, with the analysis of the brain. The current Earth Gamer Force probably has no chance of winning. Black knife can be too lazy to understand these troublesome things, is only told the brain is necessary to remind themselves at all times, even so, but the black knife at this time is still holding a knife with a sad face to the clothes taken out from the storage belt, next to the three-dimensional figure released by the brain,industrial racking systems, this is a set of ordinary clothes worn by men. Similar to the costumes in martial arts TV and movies before the catastrophe, this dress is the simplest. The black knife had no choice but to become a tailor for the first time. You can't wear a different race with too many differences. An hour later, the black knife appeared in a homemade beggar outfit. It was very uncomfortable. There was no way. The black knife strode out in this toy. With the brain, the location of the fall has been chosen, can not be regarded as a forest, just a larger point of the woods, walked about more than half an hour, the black knife has gone out, according to the cerebellum instructions, not far away is the Iron Fist City, Iron Fist Gate station. Walking forward at random, it was not long before I saw the human beings here. They were really similar to the earth people, but their eyes and hair were of different colors. They looked like farmers, peddlers and so on. The appearance of the black knife did not attract much attention, which made the black knife breathe a sigh of relief. Looking at these people coming and going for a while, it was really as if they had arrived at the ancient times of the earth. It was very interesting. They didn't stay too much. The black knife strode to the city. But as soon as he reached the gate, heavy duty cantilever racks ,heavy duty metal racks, the black knife had stopped, because he saw that everyone who entered the gate in front of him had to pay the city tax, which was not collected by soldiers, but by the children of the Iron Fist Gate with fist-shaped patterns on their chests. Black knife's eyesight is very strong, far away to see clearly that the coins they took out are transparent, but also can feel the fluctuation of energy, quite a bit of the feeling of energy blocks in reality. However, it has been analyzed that what they use is a small block of energy containing energy, which belongs to the lowest level of E-level. The more energy they detect, the more one ten thousandth of the E-level energy block is, and five blocks enter the city each time. "E-class energy block RMB ten thousand, five ten thousandths, five yuan, this thing black knife in reality, but not in the game, so he said:" Can you exchange it with the earth coin? " Black knife has a kind of powerful nowhere to use the feeling, quite a bit helpless opening way. "No, we have not established contact with this civilization, whether it is the system, or the computer of this civilization, will immediately find the arrival of the enemy!" "Well!" Black knife is depressed, a penny is a hero, ah, here I can only be honest, robbery and so on do not even think about it, it is estimated that a slight change, the system will snitch. Just then there was a noise from behind, and the black knife turned around and saw that the rope on a carriage carrying goods had broken, and a large number of goods like rice bags had fallen to the ground, blocking a section of the road. I can translate at the same time! As soon as the voice of the wise brain fell, the black knife understood the words of those people. The thin middle-aged man, who was obviously a coachman, was talking anxiously with several people, hoping to hire the people around him to help carry the goods back, while those people were bargaining. What's the matter with you? Hurry up and get out of the way. If you delay the city tax, or if there is a big man passing by, can you afford it? An angry voice sounded, and the men in charge of the city tax went away. They all have a fist embroidered on their chest. Grandpa, right away, right away! This is for some old men to drink. The coachman nodded and bowed hurriedly, and took out a few energy coins from his bosom, which were obviously bigger than the city tax. Seeing that the disciple of the Iron Fist School took it over, he nodded and said, "Hurry up. If something happens, we can't afford it!" "Yes, yes, sir, right away!" "The coachman nodded his head and looked at the crowd of idlers." We all discussed it! Carry back five coppers in a bag. "One of the stronger men, wearing short sleeves, grinned." What The coachman shivered and shouted, "This is blackmail. Carry it up. Fifty coppers. Help me carry it all up and deliver it to the firm."! That's nearly three times the price. "Ha ha!"! You don't see what the situation is. The strong man and several people around him laughed,heavy duty cantilever racks, with a mocking expression, and stared around fiercely. The small vendors and hawkers hurriedly lowered their heads and dared not look this way. It seemed that they did not want to make money, but dared not.