The male God of the post-60s generation

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Tong Ziqi smiled again. He said, "Is Rong Yue'e so heavy?" "Anyway,Teardrop Pallet Racking, beating is love, and scolding is love." Tong Ziqi had to admit that it was negligence. Liang Zhaotang asked, "Do you want to punish her slightly?" 。

Lin Zhou: Well, well, the sugar in this era is just sweet, and there is no other taste at all. Lin Ping: The sugar given by my son is sweet! "Dad, I'm so hungry. When shall we eat?" Lin Zhou sat in the back and touched his stomach. Now that I know I'm hungry, why don't I eat more in the morning! Wait a minute. Dad will go to buy something first, and then we will go to dinner. Lin Ping said with a light smile. Soon Lin Ping stopped in front of a department store and led Lin Zhou in. It is said to be a department store, but in fact it is only a two-storey building with a variety of daily necessities. There are two salesmen on the first floor, both girls, who look very rich. They are a member of the slightly fat world, which is rare in this age. Comrade, please bring me two bottles of Hero brand ink. Lin Ping said skillfully to the salesman inside the counter and took out the folded money from his pocket. That's 20 cents. Said the saleswoman impatiently, as if she owed him money. This makes Lin Zhou is not used to, do not treat customers as God, but also can not treat customers as debt ah, however, obviously Lin Ping has been used to their attitude, put the right money on the counter, took the two bottles of ink, until the salesman finished counting money, then led Lin Zhou out. Seeing Lin Zhou's unhappy appearance, Lin Ping thought he was hungry, after all, the child was still very hungry, "Dad has bought all the things he wants to buy, can I take you to dinner now?" When it comes to the word'eating ', Lin Zhou's spirit comes immediately. "Well,mobile racking systems, well, let's go quickly." Then he jumped on the back seat. ———— Entering the state-owned hotel, Lin Ping led Lin Zhou to find a seat to sit down. I don't know whether it was the wrong time or the business here was already very depressed. Apart from the two fathers and sons of the Lin family, there were only three or four people eating here. They ate either noodles or steamed buns, not even a la carte. Comrade, two bowls of noodles with shredded pork. Lin Ping also did not ask Lin Zhou to want to eat what to decide by oneself, anyway the child has not been here, what to eat to listen to the parents is. Said to be shredded meat noodles, in fact, just a few shredded meat, but the noodles are made of white flour, and there are a lot of bean sprouts on it. This is definitely the best time Lin Zhou has eaten since he came through. White flour, ah, warehousing storage solutions ,push back racking system, the steamed bread at home is made of sorghum flour mixed with corn flour. The taste and taste can't be compared with white flour at all. But although delicious, but also really expensive, a bowl of shredded pork noodles actually cost five cents, you know, at this time a cooked pig's feet is only ten cents, pork is only seventy-two cents a catty, spending ten cents to eat two bowls of noodles is absolutely a luxury. When Lin Zhou came to the meeting at ordinary times, he was reluctant to ask for noodles with shredded meat. Two steamed buns with vegetarian dishes for one cent were sent away. The first time the children in the family came out with him, they had to eat a little good food. Next time, there would be no such benefits. Chapter 6 Lin Zhou never thought that one day he would be satisfied with a bowl of shredded meat noodles. He sat on the back of his father's bicycle and touched his round stomach. Lin Zhou sighed comfortably. What's the matter? Haven't you had enough? The mountain road is long, Lin Ping deliberately teases his son, such a big bowl of noodles, he an adult has already eaten eight points full, not to mention the small three is a child. Lin Zhou didn't know his father's bad taste. He thought he was serious. He replied hurriedly, "I'm full. I'm full. Dad, you think I'm you. You have such a big appetite!" In fact, Father Lin's appetite is small among his peers. Even if the grain output is small these days, everyone's appetite is bigger than that of later generations. They work hard all day. Adult men don't have two or three bowls of rice at a meal, and they will be hungry if they can't reach the meal point. If you're really full, don't say that Dad didn't take care of you when he took you out! Lin Ping said cheerfully that the half-grown boy ate poor Lao Tzu. His third son was only a few years old this year, and his appetite was almost the same as that of his second son. You are my own father. How can you starve me? As he spoke, Lin Zhou put his arms around Father Lin's waist and said with a sticky feeling. To tell you the truth, in the past six months, Father Lin has been really good to him. Although he is still not as good as Father Lin in his previous life, his heart is full of flesh, and he is very close to Father Lin in his heart. Smelly boy, sit tight, it's going downhill soon! Lin Ping likes his third son to act like a spoiled child with him. Although he has always been a serious parent at home, this does not mean that he does not like the children to be close to him. Except for the third child, one of the children in the family has seen him like a mouse has seen a cat. The father and son laughed all the way home until they got home in the evening, and Lin Zhou's buttocks were already sitting stiff. The boy's father is back! When Wang Guifang saw her husband riding a bicycle to the door, she immediately came out to greet him. "There is boiled water in the house. Go to the house to drink water and rest first. I'll push it in the car." Then he took the car in Lin Ping's hand and pushed it in. Seeing Lin Ping enter the room, Wang Guifang complained to Lin Zhou in a low voice, "So are you, mistress. Your father is going to get down to business. What kind of mess do you make? Don't you think your father is tired enough?"! Not next time. Don't make trouble for your father. Wearing here for more than half a year, Lin Zhou naturally knows what kind of temper and character Lin Niang is. Several children in the family add up to be less important than Lin Dad in her heart. No matter what delicious food or good clothes, all the rare things must be used by Lin Dad first, and the rest are other people's. At first, Lin Zhou felt that Niang was unconsciously scattering dog food for them, but after a long time, Lin Zhou realized that it had nothing to do with dog food at all, and that it was simply obedient to her husband's fate. Knowing Niang, I went to the hall to drink a glass of water first, but I was thirsty all the way! Put down this sentence,heavy duty rack manufacturers, Lin Zhou hurriedly ran to the hall, leaving Wang Guifang can only scold the words into the stomach. Before entering the hall, Lin Zhou saw a big head showing in the west wing and winked at him furtively. Lin Zhou: Big Brother's way of showing up is always so different.