we're going to a trend towards making the BRIDE the middle piece once more

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First and foremost, we're going to a trend towards making the BRIDE the middle piece once more!

First and foremost, we're going to a trend towards making the BRIDE the middle piece once more!

Bridesmaids go to basics and wear plenty of same wear exactly the same colour or exactly exactly exactly the same colour but different dresses. When the bridesmaid dresses look uniform standing close to the BRIDE, all people have a tendency to look better, the situation is neater, the images are flawless and more importantly, the BRIDE is distinguishable and is set apart. Guests aren't considering all the differences within the bridesmaid's dresses but rather at the BRIDE. There is an additional for this bridesmaids look… the guesswork is finished, there are no surprises! Nothing to be worried about, absolutely nothing to be upset about regarding the day of the marriage or even after. It takes the component of drama from your big day.

Tulle Wedding Dress A-Line/Princess Off-The-Shoulder Court Train With Appliqued

So how would you achieve this? Traditional bridesmaids companies offer sizes from 0-women’s sizing. You can find junior dresses, maternity, and even flower ladies who match. You can get extra fabric to boost to use for anything. Whether it is exactly exactly exactly the same dress or different dresses within exactly exactly exactly the same colour, the options for colour and fabric remain!

Bari Jay Bridesmaid Dress Style 1904Bari Jay Bridesmaid Dress Style 1903 in Silverfrost

The next trend we're seeing is sleek lines. Simple designs with fabric that isn't flowy but instead opaque, appearing sophisticated and sexy! The Bari jay stretch crepe gives that seems to be and appears great in all shapes. Simple lines and flattering silhouettes. Less fabric produces a cleaner more timeless look. And once more the BRIDE is front and centre. We might add these sleek opaque fabrics like Bari Jay’s stretch crepe are super comfortable! Sequins are out… the most recent shiny is simply in the fabric and understanding that brings comfort and never scratchy sequins.

Bari Jay Bridesmaid Dress Style 1970 In SlateBari Jay Bridesmaid Dress Style 1951 in ThistleBari Jay blush bridesmaid dresses Style 1912 In Mustard

Ball Gown A-line V Neck Chapel Train Lace Wedding Dress

And obviously, we should mention colour trends… dusty colours are still the rage. A light lavender like Bari Jay Thistle stretch crepe, rosy mauve like Bari Jay’s Rose chiffon. Dusty blues for example Bari Jay Slate. Burnt colours like rust and Bari Jay Mustard. The last and growing colour appears to be green for example Bari Jay’s stretch crepe Deep Pine or light like Sage! Click here to see the most recent collection on your own!