How can I forget

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It is impossible for anyone to be able to completely erase memories from their mind, but they can take some steps to make them less noticeable, or to change the way they feel when remembering them.

Ways to forget memories
It is impossible for anyone to be able to completely erase memories from his mind, but he can take some steps that make them less prominent, or that change the way he feels when remembering them, especially the painful or sad ones, and the steps are as follows:

Determine the memory that the person wants to forget by remembering its details, and in the event that he encounters difficulty in remembering all the details, some questions can be answered, such as: What happened? And who was there? Where and when did it happen? What would happen otherwise? How was the feeling?
Determine what bothers the person the most about this memory.

Getting rid of the memory by training the mind and helping it to forget; As if the person imagines the memory in the form of an image in his mind and imagines burning the image with an imaginary fire that turns the image brown and wrinkled, then turns it into black and ash. It is also possible to imagine getting rid of the memory in other ways such as: a car falling into the sea or crashing into a wall.

Getting rid of all the stimuli of remembering the memory, which makes it difficult to forget, and these stimuli may be either pictures or gifts from someone or other things.
Resorting to hypnosis or hypnosis, which helps to forget some painful memories, and this is done by entering mentally into a calm state in which the person is open to any suggestions, and it is also possible to seek the help of a hypnotherapist.

Ways to forget people
Forgetting people and loved ones is one of the most difficult things a person can do, as he usually clings to his memories with him in the hope of meeting them again and in the hope that the relationship between him will return to the way it was before or even better, which puts him in a state in which he cannot move forward or think about Being associated with a new person, and because this condition is unhealthy, it is advised to follow the following steps to get rid of it:

Do not try to completely forget the person with all the good and happy memories with him, as it is not considered healthy to try to erase him from memory, but the good memories and lessons that the person learned from his relationship with him must be preserved.

Obtaining a conclusion, as feelings, unspoken words, or unanswered questions are among the most important reasons that make it impossible to forget a person. Therefore, you must talk to the person and disclose all the feelings or questions that come to mind, and if that is not possible, you can write everything. It is meant to be said on a piece of paper and tear it apart. It is also necessary to feel sad and express feelings instead of suppressing them in the heart.

Severing relations with the person, as it is not recommended to maintain friendship with him, especially in the first period of estrangement from him, because it may serve as a permanent reminder of the relationship that was linked to him.

Getting rid of the incentives to remember the person, for example, if he is a co-worker, the manager can be asked to replace him with another person or to change the department in which he works, and it is advised to delete him from the list of friends on social networking sites.
Distracting attention with other things and filling the void that occurs after moving away from the person, as it is not healthy to remain sad for a long time.


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