Tattoo of dedication and victory | Epic World Series Win

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Why is Javier Baez known as “El Mago”

A game that has been a major source of inspiration all around the world is Baseball. 

And anyone who is feeling a bit frazzled in life can learn a lot from it. Javier Baez is the one you want to look for.


He has become someone who everyone looks up to. Senior or junior no matter who you are, there is something that anyone can learn from his life.


A young player who made his way into Major League baseball at a very early age. His father passed away quite early but that didn’t hamper his progress but only enhanced it. 


With the help of his mother and 3 other siblings, he worked and found his passion quite early in his life. His father was a major influence in developing an interest in the game. 


His skills and luck got him at the right place at the right time and he began his career at second base and didn’t stop after that. If you work hard, even life doesn’t stop you from giving yourself chances.


He was invited by the Chicago Cubs to become a part of the Major league. After that, it was a journey of success and ultimately they won the 2016 World Series. 


After such a long journey of hard work and passion, he got a tattoo which was the MLB’s logo. 

Javier Baez Jerseys are one of the most highly sold merchandise of all time. Such is the influence now.