Pending Transactions in vault after Coinbase Pro Login

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Coinbase is a public company founded 10 years ago in June 2012 in San Francisco, California, U.S. 

Initially, the company has its headquarters in San Francisco and California but due to COVID-19, it decided to shut down its office in California and San Francisco by converting it to remote work. As per our data for 2022, more than 4,500 employees are working there. In this blog, we will go through the reasons for your pending withdrawal transactions

Reasons for pending transactions

Due to the increase in the security of the transactions Coinbase pro now requires verification in your vault from those 2 email addresses that were linked with the account at the time of setting up the Coinbase Pro account. And then waiting for another 48 hours after the approval has been taken from both email addresses before any transfer takes place. 

  • Approval is pending

If after your Coinbase Pro login, it is displaying pending approval in your vault section then this means that one or both out of the two email addresses associated with it have not yet approved the transaction from their side. And before that approval, the waiting time of 48 hours will not commence. Therefore, make sure that the transaction has been approved by both emails.   

To navigate toward the Vault all you have to do is to open your coinbase account and then tap on your portfolio after this you will be able to find your vault option.

In the vault, you will be able to see the transactions that are pending to be approved then you have to click on approve the transaction you want. If there are no pending transactions, then it means that no transactions are waiting to be approved from this email id. 

  • Waiting for Clearance

If it is displayed that “Waiting to Clear “on your vault, then you have accomplished the approval process and only 48 hours have been left for the transaction to take place. 

  • Email Confirmation

When you made a withdrawal, there would have been a confirmation email that was sent to your second email id. The said will email will contain an approval link that will ask you whether you want to approve the withdrawal or not. You will have to click on that link to give its confirmation. 

It may take up to 10 minutes to receive an email depending on your preferred email service provider.  If even after 10 minutes you did not receive the email then check your spam, junk, or trash folder to check if it was filtered automatically as trash. 

Finishing Up 

In case you did not receive any confirmation email or accidentally deleted it before giving its confirmation then cancel the approval from the previous email id as it will cancel all the confirmation links and you will have to redo the transaction. But if you are still facing any issues regarding this then you must try to contact customer support services. We hope that this blog erased all your doubts regarding the pending transactions after your Coinbase Pro login.