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But if you look beyond the raver approved footwear, there were some covetable blazers and monochrome moments, as well as cheery prints and happy plaids. For Nielsen, each collection has a Jimmy Choo theme, including rock stars from the 80s, my own family, supermodels from the 90s, he says.

It looks like we'll be masking up for some time, which would explain why the notoriously impossible to keep in stock Evolvetogether went from being readily available to sold out all over again. You are beautiful the way you are. Over the course of the past four weeks, we were especially enamored with the many creative, fresh, just plain delightful beauty looks we spotted in street style snaps from each city.

It's probably because 1. Accessories also made it big in the City of Lights, with a slew of guests carrying giant clutches and sporting chic baseball caps. While the fabric had fun with its sophisticated illusions, the dress cut proved to be just as clever.

Sporting pieces from Indonesian street vendors and independent designers like Kait by Kar, who created her crochet shoulder bag, Cuervo said she was excited to see the artists co signed by her Jimmy Choo Sale cohort. Her expertly applied, sunset inspired eye makeup is a skill she picked up during quarantine watching TikTok tutorials, while her watch is a vintage Anne Klein piece given to her by her mother.

Au revoir, Paris Fashion Week While we're sad that our virtual stay in the French capital has come to an end, the sartorial lessons we picked up on the runways and on the streets will stay on our mental moodboards for months to come. If you want to get your brand out there, this is a quick way to do it.

For Nielsen, each collection has a theme, including rock stars from the 80s, my own family, supermodels from the 90s, he says. Designers are always going to want to create new things. A Rolex watch given to him by his father added a touch of sentimental value to the look, along Jimmy Choo Shoes with jewels designed by Brooklyn's Dynasty and Soull Ogun.

Kendall is the epitome of luxury fashion, and there isn't a better fit for this position, said Raissa Gerona, Chief Brand Officer of Revolve Group, in the release. It would've been weird if he played the prince, because he's my boyfriend IRL, she told the publication.