Generic Viagra: A guide to cheap Viagra online

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Generic Viagra: A guide to cheap Viagra online

Generic Viagra: A guide to cheap Viagra online

Viagra is known for its efficacy in treating erectile dysfunction (ED), a condition that causes an inability to get or keep an erection. It can be an upsetting diagnosis, but many men find that their condition is curable with Viagra.To get more news about 威而鋼哪裡買, you can visit our official website.

It’s an effective treatment, but it can be expensive. The good news? You can save significant amounts of money by buying generic Viagra instead of brand-name Viagra. Just be careful if you’re looking to purchase generic Viagra online (or from a reseller)—Viagra is one of the most counterfeited prescription drugs in the world, so it’s vital to spend time searching for a reputable pharmacy.

The main erectile dysfunction drugs work as phosphodiesterase inhibitors (or PDE5 inhibitors), which means they help relax smooth muscle tissue and increase blood flow. Many prescription drugs treat ED, such as Stendra (avanafil), Levitra (vardenafil), and Cialis (tadalafil), but Viagra (sildenafil) is perhaps the most well-known and one of the most popular ED pills.

Sildenafil is the active ingredient in both generic and brand-name Viagra. Pfizer manufactures the brand and also a generic version, which is marketed and sold by its subsidiary, Greenstone. Brand-name Viagra has been nicknamed the “little blue pill” because of its color. Greenstone’s sildenafil is a white tablet that retains the four-sided or diamond shape of Viagra. Now that the patent on Viagra has expired, several other companies make and sell sildenafil. Those tablets may be white, blue, or green and may be round or oblong. Although the color and shape are different, there is virtually no difference in efficacy between sildenafil and brand-name Viagra.
According to the FDA, there is absolutely no difference in the efficacy of generic medications when compared to the same medication and dose in brand-name form,” says David Belk, MD. “That includes Viagra. Roughly 87% of all prescriptions filled in the U.S. since 2017 were for generic medications. That means that generic medications have been working fine to treat seven out of eight medical conditions that required a prescription medication over the last three years.”

If the dose of generic and brand-name Viagra are the same, they will treat ED the same way. The only difference between the generic and brand-name drug that patients should be concerned with is the price. Generic ED medications are much cheaper than their brand-name counterparts, and many people save even more money by purchasing generic Viagra with a prescription savings card.
Generic Viagra is cheap in comparison to brand-name Viagra, but it wasn’t always this way. When Pfizer, the original patent holder, and manufacturer of Viagra, had exclusive rights to sell Viagra, it was expensive. Before 2017, a single tablet could cost about $73. Not only that, but many health insurance companies don’t cover the cost of erectile dysfunction drugs, so taking Viagra wasn’t an option for many people.

Generic Viagra is available through Teva and Pfizer (Greenstone) and many other drug companies. Once Pfizer’s patent expired in 2020, more pharmaceutical companies began to produce Viagra, expanding the accessibility of the drug to more people. As more pharmaceutical companies began to manufacture generic Viagra, the price was driven down significantly.