Adult Animal Costume - Use These Ideas to Spice Up a Kids Party

Adult Animal Costume - Use These Ideas to Spice Up a Kids Party

Adult Animal Costume - Use These Ideas to Spice Up a Kids Party


Aka adult animal kigurumi, adult onesie parties are great fun for kids of any age! Adult onesie parties can be held at home, the local park, the beach, or even a local restaurant. The key is to make the costumes specific to the participants. One great idea is to have a "Fur Real Friends" costume and all the guests come in "Fur Real Friends" costumes. Then everyone gets to take home their own "Fur Real Friends" onesie. This adult onesie party is great because all the women get to choose their own costume!

Some ideas include: Hello Kitty, Care Bears My Little Pony, Barbie, and Dora the Explorer. If you are holding the party indoors, you could use the Barbie and Hello Kitty onesies for the girls and the ponies and Hello Kitty and Care Bears for the boys. You could also use Barbie and Hello Kitty onesies for all the children. Use the adult onesie costume for the women and the teddy bear onesie costume for the boys and the animal onesies for the girls. For a more traditional one's party, use the sleepwear Japanese kigurumi cosplay pajamas as the costumes!

To make adult onesie party even cuter, use the cute animal onesies for the girls and the wild animal onesies for the boys! For example, use the Hello Kitty ones for the girl and the Teddy Bear onesie for the boy. You can even have everyone but the baby in the same ones! This would make for a really cute picture for your adult's party. If you use the teddy bear onesies for the babies, everyone except the baby would look like they are wearing teddy bears! Yee ha!

If you are holding the party indoors, there are some things you need to keep in mind. First of all, be sure that you do not place the animal onesies or teddy bears too close to where the food will be placed. Since these are not the type of clothes that shrink, it is very possible that some of the food on the table will fall into them. This will be a real mess and very embarrassing when your guests see it. Also, be sure to make sure that your guests will not be able to see the little animal fur all over the venue. After all, the little ones are adorable and this may cause some embarrassment for the adults at the party.

To dress up the koi onesie with the adult ones, simply cut a length of the matching furry fabric, about a quarter of an inch to about two inches long sew or glue the bottom edge together. Fold it over to one end so that it can be turned inside out and sew the other ends together. You now have a great looking piece of kigurumi fabric to sew on your own! With this koi fish outfit, it is easy to transform the child's ordinary green koi fish from a plain one to a colorful one with just a few simple steps.

If you are hosting the party for adults and you want something a bit more cute than your child's usual koi fish outfit, there are a couple of alternatives. One option is to use some white pajamas instead of the koi fish colors. For a fun and different look, try using red pajamas. Or, you could use black pajamas and pair it up with some adult animal kigurumi pants and shirt. This would be such a unique and perfect party theme for both kids and adults alike.

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