Genshin Impact is working with KFC

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Genshin Impact has been widely welcomed, but now it seems that it is indeed an important moment. Genshin Impact live show host Zeniet posted a picture on Twitter indicating that miHoYo is cooperating with KFC for branded barrel deals in China.

According to Reddit, purchasing the Diluc chicken bucket can also provide you with an exclusive glider code in KFC colors. There is no indication that the KFC-themed skins with Diluc and Noelle are part of the deal, but it may make sense: Genshin Impact does not currently support skins, and it is an unusual way to lock the KFC crossover in China to launch these skins Debut.

This kind of frequency division is obviously not uncommon in China. For example, as early as 2019, KFC and Final Fantasy 14 teamed up to Buy Genshin Impact Account conduct a promotional event that caused players to eat disturbing fried chicken just to try to get a special chocolate roll. and this:

In recent years, KFC has also gained a place in the game market in other parts of the world. It launched a full-scale "gaming department" in 2018 (although it seems to be mainly dedicated to sharing memes), sponsored the Rainbow Six Siege Championship, and launched a "finger licking" "good dating simulator" in 2019, Starring the outstanding Colonel Sanders, Fraser can't get along with.

The Diluc Chicken Bucket will go on sale on March 8. I want to know if I will come to North America one day. I think the graphics of Genshin Impact are very good and the movements are very smooth. It is a game that boys like more.

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