stepped out Golden Goose in a chic winter look

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stepped out Golden Goose in a chic winter look


By June of last year, it had earned its B Corp badge. Vogue's editorial team is Mark Guiducci, Virginia Smith, Mark Holgate, Nicole Phelps, and Laird Borrelli-Persson. There's no denying the ease and comfort the best flats for women offer, especially ruched, slip-on designs like the Ashland style created by Khaite.

in tow, Holmes stepped out Golden Goose in a chic winter look that was, again, extremely wearable. It must have been around 15 years ago, but they were so sexy, says Hudson. A travel enthusiast who before the global lockdown enjoyed a nomadic existence where trips to fashion capitals like London, New York, and Milan were routine, she seeks inspiration everywhere she goes.

Even the little plants come in Susan Alexandra vases, a part of her homeware collection. I missed a lot of school as a kid, she says over Zoom. We were living in Jordan and then Romania, and it wasn't the most open environment. Between unexpected bouts of traffic, flight delays, and close proximity to sneezing people, travel days are more susceptible to Murphy's Law than any other.

That organic philosophy is evident in one of the first pieces they made, the seaweed bag, which has become one of their most popular items. Miner, formerly director of operations at Bode, and Miesmer, a startup and direct-to-consumer brand veteran, have since landed a place on Net-a-Porter's Vanguard mentorship program, which highlights emerging designers.

In fact, the return of head-to-toe hues can be traced back to fall 2016 when brands like Gucci and Loewe sent outfits in aqua, pink, and purple shades down their runways. Tape, which was also used that season, popped up for spring 2022 at Iggy Jeans's intimate presentation in Stockholm.