Rocket League: The Top 10 Most Effective Maneuvers and How to Execute Them

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Rocket League is now in its sixth year, and the player base has grown to be the largest it has ever been

Rocket League is now in its sixth year, and the player base has grown to be the largest it has ever been. Rocket League Blueprints is still gaining popularity in 2021, despite the fact that it is experiencing rank struggles. Because of the game's long lifespan, there are a large number of players who are capable of performing elite maneuvers in every match. The game also attracts a large number of new players, with thousands of new accounts being created every day.

Players of all skill levels can always find something they can improve on, and this list will include ten things to consider improving on. As a mechanical game, Rocket League is one that players should attempt to complete each of the mechanics detailed in this article. The following is a list of some of the most effective Rocket League maneuvers to learn.



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10. Half Flip (also known as a half turn)

The half flip is a relatively simple maneuver that is used by all of the top-tier Rocket League players in order to gain an advantage. It enables gamers to change directions in the game in the most efficient manner possible. Gamers can perform the flip by canceling a back flip with an air roll and then performing the flip again. To begin, players should practice performing a backflip and landing on the roof of their vehicle. The only other step is to perform a half flip or a barrel roll with the help of an air roll. Binding the air roll to a button that is more comfortable to press than LB should make the process of learning the maneuver more enjoyable and efficient.

Pre-Flip (nine)

The pre-flip is a maneuver that is underutilized but has the potential to help players generate more power and throw opponents' timing off. It is the most straightforward mechanic to learn, as well as one of the most useful. Players must flip their bodies to the left or right in order to anticipate where the ball will be located. Instead of flipping directly into the ball, gamers must wait for the trajectories of the ball and the flip to intersect before they can proceed. Because this maneuver is all about timing, you'll need to put in some practice Rocket League credits before you can execute it consistently. In addition, gamers can use the pre-flip to dunk on their opponent's team. Higher-level gamers employ the pre-flip as an aerial tactic to gain a slight boost in power on balls that are within two jump range of the player. Pre-flips are just as effective at correcting player errors in the air as they are on the ground, as long as the ball is close enough to the ground to be flipped to.

8. Dash with a wave

All players in the Grand Champion and higher divisions use wave dashing to generate speed without the use of a boost and navigate the pitch more quickly. The mechanic is an abuse of the game's physics, which allows players to move faster after flipping the coin in their favor. Instead of using the flip to actually flip, players can achieve the same speed boost by performing a jump followed by a flip cancel. Once the back wheels of the vehicle have touched the ground, players should jump, tilt the vehicle up slightly, and flip forward. When the car's front wheels make contact with the field, the forward flip will be canceled and the car will roll backwards.

Stalling (n. d.)

In terms of technique, it is more like a David Blaine trick than it is like a maneuver. Player's air roll can be used to keep the car from flipping over. As a result, a car is suspended in mid-air, defying the laws of physics in the process. All players need to do is flip in any direction and use air roll in the opposite direction to complete the move. Stalling will not be a very practical mechanic in the game for the vast majority of players, according to our research. It has been used to finish off incredible plays by professionals and elite players who have thousands of hours of experience in the game. Aside from the practicality of the trick, it's pretty cool to defy gravity with it.

7. Getting a Squishy Save

At this point, Squishy's name is practically synonymous with Rocket League. That his name was not used in connection with a more complicated mechanic is a disappointment. In spite of this, the Squishy save can be beneficial in certain situations. The majority of the time, however, it will be difficult to accomplish. Alternatively, players can make the save by driving directly into their own net and up the wall. In the moments before a player is about to launch out of the goal, they can use air roll to position their car in the best possible position for the save. Despite the fact that it is referred to as a save, this technique is equally useful when players are trapped in the goal and need to get upfield quickly.

5. Dribble in the air

Completing an air dribble successfully is a tremendously satisfying experience. The road to mastering this technique, on the other hand, will be long and arduous. Before attempting to combine dribbling and aerial mechanics in the air, players should first ensure that they have mastered the fundamentals of both. Air dribbling is the act of controlling, hitting, or trapping the ball while the ball is in the air at the same time. Although it can be intimidating at first, learning proper technique is one of the most important things a player can learn if they want to improve their game.

Due to the fact that players can propel the ball into the net with enough speed and height to dribble into the net, the air dribble is frequently used on the back wall. The tactic, on the other hand, can be used anywhere on the field as long as the ball is high enough in the air. The first touch of an air dribble is the first step in the process. Gamers will want to make as gentle a contact with the ball as possible with the front of their car. Players should try to match the ball's speed and trajectory as closely as possible in order to give the impression that the car is stuck to the hitbox. In order to follow the ball as it descends, players must use boost and air roll to hit it ever so slightly after a good first touch. Despite the fact that the instructions are straightforward, it will take hours and hours to master the car control required to air dribble in a game. Gamers should embrace the struggle because it will be well worth it in the end.

4. Aim for the ceiling

Players began utilizing the ceiling shot as a means of utilizing their second jump to flip while in the air while high in the sky. The ceiling shot is simple to comprehend, but it is not as simple to execute as it appears. This maneuver can be used to score on any ball that is high in the air, but the success rate will be much higher for gamers who are on the ball when performing this maneuver. The shot can be set up by scooping the ball up close to the ceiling and following it as it falls to the ground below. By pressing the jump button, players can detach themselves from the ceiling. After that, the player must use air roll to flip the car and align it for the next hit to be successful. Due to the limited time available before the flip expires, players will need to be quick with their decisions. Players can generate power by either hitting the ball first and then flipping, or by simply flipping into the ball. Due to the uncertainty surrounding when the player will flip and where the ball will go, defenses will be under a lot of pressure when facing a ceiling shot.

3. The Musty Flick (also known as "The Musty Flick")

The Musty flick is one of the most difficult flicks in Rocket League Free Credits, and it should only be attempted by players who have mastered the previous five mechanics. Named after the elite Rocket League player Musty, the flick has grown in popularity and has become one of the more frequently attempted high-level flicks in the game. Players using some variation of the Musty flick to generate more power in 1v1 and 2v2 situations are common among champion and higher-level players. To be able to learn the trick, players must be able to trap the ball and complete a basic flick on target before beginning.

The Musty flick is comprised of two fundamental movements: the tilt and the backflip. Players must first jump while the ball is on the hood of the car and press forward on their thumbstick so that the car is facing down at the pitch at a 45-degree angle before attempting to pass the ball. Next, players should perform a simple backflip to demonstrate their skill. The backflip will propel the ball at the perfect angle to challenge goalkeepers because the car is tilted downwards during the flip. To pull off this trick successfully is difficult, and to do so on a consistent basis is even more difficult. When it comes to gaming, the key is to keep the ball on the hood for as long as possible without it sliding off.

2. Press the Reset button.

The final two mechanics appear to be insurmountable obstacles. The flip reset is probably the most difficult to construct mechanically and the most impractical of all of them. A perfect flip reset, on the other hand, cannot be saved. Due to the fact that it is one of the most aesthetically pleasing maneuvers in the game, the flip reset had to be included on this list. Whenever an automobile makes contact with something with all four wheels, the automobile's double jump is reset. This means that the ball itself can be used to reset a jump or flip if it is in the way. It takes hours to even get the flip reset to work, let alone score a goal on the flip reset.

Shortly put, the shot is executed by following the same steps as the air dribble tutorial, but with all four wheels making contact with the ball instead of just the front. The only thing left to do is to use the reset button to flip into the ball and power it into the goal with enough force. Using the reset has allowed players to execute some spectacular plays, and it is unquestionably one of, if not the most difficult maneuver in Rocket League.

1. Double-tap the screen

Players who are on the verge of reaching the Champion ranks should consider including this trick in their arsenal. It is necessary to hit the backboard first, followed by another hit to propel the ball into the net in order to complete a double touch. Simple following of the ball after an aerial touch is all that is required for beginning players to perform this mechanic successfully. While the ball is still in the air, players should direct it away from the backboard to start the play. Second, players must anticipate the ball rebounding off the wall and redirect it into the net as quickly as possible. Although the mechanics of the maneuver will take some time to master, the steps themselves are straightforward.