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The abstract is a very concise and informative presentation of the content of a particular source of information on the topic (a number of articles, monographs, etc.), or use service essay help.
The abstract should demonstrate skills of logically consistent presentation of scientific problems, knowledge of sources, the ability to operate with terms and concepts from the field of science, in relation to which the chosen topic.

Pages of the paper should be numbered in Arabic numerals (numbering is continuous throughout the text). The page number is placed in the center of the lower part of the sheet without a dot. The title page is included in the total numbering and it does not have any numbers.

The State Standard specifies: surnames, names of organizations, firms, product names and other proper names should be given in the original language, or just use site
During the work the author must demonstrate his individual creativity abilities, show the ability to understand the questions posed, to systematize theoretical material on the chosen topic and to make independent conclusions.

The abstract of 15 pages of typed text (computer version with single spacing) must have the content, introduction, main content (statement of the topic), conclusion, and a list of used literature.

In the introduction justify the motives for choosing the topic, the goals and objectives of the author of the abstract, relevance, structure, indicate the main source. Approximate length of the introduction - 1.5-2 pages.

The main part of the abstract should be a statement of the problem specified in the title, analysis and synthesis of the literature that the author was able to study, revealing the views on the problem of various researchers and the position of the author himself, so get help from
In conclusion, the author summarizes what is stated, as well as gives his own assessment of the views considered, the approximate volume of -1 page.

The list of references is given at the end of the work. It is entered only those sources that were used in writing the work; it is necessary to specify the year and place of publication; if it is an article, it is necessary to indicate the pages of its beginning and end.

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