New World will add new weapons in 2022

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New World will add new weapons in 2022

New World is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game where players conquer territories, fight monsters, and explore the land of Aeternum. While Amazon has had bad luck with past gaming adventures, it managed to generate quite a bit of hype ahead of the game's release. After multiple delays, the game finally launched on September 28.

Once New World was launched, it was welcomed by many players, but the player base shrank sharply due to game bugs. With its beautiful environments and engaging combat, New World certainly has potential, but fans want to see something that helps improve the New World Coins game's weaker aspects. Hopefully 2022 will bring the changes many players have been waiting for.

As an MMO, expect a lot of updates to New World. In the past, studios were sending out fixes too quickly, causing patches to create more problems. As such, Amazon will focus on testing updates to ensure they are stable, and will limit the number of fixes attempted per update. There will also be a balance between "adding new content and fixing things".

Some of the upcoming changes suggest that Amazon is aware of common complaints and is trying to address them. Players can expect an update focused on balance, tweaks, and bug fixes. This will be an important part of improving the gaming experience. Additionally, New World will feature minor balance updates to popular weapons including the Great Axe, Rapier, Fire Staff, and Ice Gloves.

New weapons and shields are also in the works, meaning players will soon be able to use Blunderbuss. While muskets are better suited for strategy games, the big musket is an explosive chaos tool. The developers are also working on Daggers and the Great Sword, a weapon focused on stance switching. Buying New World Coins from for long-term support is necessary if players want better performance.