RuneScape - This is a problem in combat

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If you take 9 minutes fixing torags, you could use both of them for OSRS gold the total amount of 843.75 hrs. (more than enough time to get to the max of melee and the maximum slayer). )... This is the best shizzle you can find.. It's cheaper if you utilize an armour-based stand in ur house. There is no reason you don't want to use these.

If you don't care about looks then you (are a sad homo) have the option of purchasing Veracs skirt that matches your torn body.. Same def bonus as leg torags but it's more costly and includes a prayers bonus, which means you are able to use it as a slayer for those who don't wish to pray prayers to protect yourself. Dfs can only be used for tanking bosses , or in battles, since drag def is MUCH better because of the massive atk bonuses.

The same concept applies for platelets, but with the difference that Dragon platelegs tend to be more affordable. The question is, how much will it cost to repair (convenience of repair isn't a problem as there are NPCs who repair them in Lumbridge, Khazard, Burthorpe, Void Knight Outpost and you could even repair it in your own home)?

It's 90000 dollars for 15 hours. Much less if it's done in your house and you actually have a medium level of smithing (50 in the case of Torag, for example, would cost you 70k). Let's round up and make it 100k the same way we're rounding the price of Torag's to 300k and not 340k. 1,290 is the number of many hours you'll need to fight these (not wear it) before you spent the same amount on it as you would for a dragon's plate body.

To give an example, 200 hours is a long period to master a skill 99. This is a problem in combat. This isn't only a matter of wearing it. The numbers don't decline slowly. They're fine until they cease when they go between 25% and zero. I don't understand why you should pay more for a lesser piece of armour based on the necessity of shelling out a tiny amount of cash every 15 hours of combat. The reason that dragon plates are priced so high has nothing to do with be related to rs gold 2007 their value and is due to the fact that they're not easy to obtain.