Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets & Plates for Vicarb Products

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Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets & Plates for Vicarb Products

American Plate Exchanger (APE), is a stocking distributor of Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets, Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers or for Plates for Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers. We also engineer, thermal rate, expand, clean, and sell plate and frame heat exchangers. We have been stocking and selling plate heat exchanger gaskets and heat exchangers for nearly 15 years.Get more news about Vicarb Phe Gaskets,you can vist our website!

All sizes shown below are in millimeters for use on the chart to the right.

Contact us for any aspect related to gaskets or plate and frame heat exchangers, as well as modifications or new equipment.DraCool-USA services a wide variety of Vicarb heat exchanger plates and gaskets in addition to other company models.

We have a comprehensive process to refurbish old Vicarb heat exchanger plates, which includes plate cleaning and fluorescent penetrant testing to ensure the plates are free from any defects or pinholes. Once we’ve completed the cleaning and testing phase, we install new gaskets and return the plates. (More information on our refurbishment process can be found on our services page.)

We also provide new plates and gaskets for a variety of Vicarb models including the ones listed below. If you don’t see a specific plate listed or have any questions, give us a call or request a quote.