How to swap crypto tokens through MetaMask?

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If you want to diversify your portfolio and earn more profits, then we suggest you swap tokens that you have stored in your MetaMask Login.

Once you swap tokens, you will be able to make some passive income through it, and at the same time, you can also make sure that you have enhanced your crypto trading knowledge. When it comes to swapping tokens through a MetaMask Login profile, it is important to note that the procedure is extremely simple and easy to follow.

Prior to getting into the step-by-step procedure for swapping the tokens, one should make sure that he is ready to take the risk. Also, you need to undergo thorough research about the pair of tokens you are going to swap and what could be the possible outcome of the same.

Once you have undergone the research and understood the attached risks, you can definitely go ahead with the procedure listed below.

Steps for swapping tokens in MetaMask

To begin the procedure, you first need to ensure that you have your MetaMask login password so that you can unlock the "Swap" feature right away. If you do not remember the password, restore your wallet first. Thereafter, you can follow the steps listed below:

At first, launch MetaMask by choosing its icon on the browser toolbar

When prompted, enter the MetaMask login password

Click on the "Unlock" button to finally access your account

From the homepage, navigate to the wallet section

Thereafter, you can click the "Swap" option from the available ones

Choose the tokens in the "To" and "From" field

Along with that, enter the number of tokens you wish to swap

Review the swap details along with the terms of service

Select your "Slippage tolerance" for the swap

If you are satisfied with the quote and the gas fee, click "Swap"

To conclude:

The details in this particular read would surely help users in achieving their goals i.e. swapping crypto tokens through their MetaMask login profile. If you do not know much about the terms such as swapping, gas fee, slippage tolerance, etc. then you should definitely carry out research for the same beforehand. There are numerous articles on the internet that would help you understand the whole concept of these terms and a lot more.