I am not even certain if I think this is a fantastic

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I guess cherished is a strong word, but they are definitely popular - especially compared to how much they had been reviled when they had been announced! I stated this is in a different comment, but they have an adequate amount of Animal Crossing New Horizons Items players, a more dedicated playerbase, representation on line with the best player in the world at this time, and the overall sentiment is they're actually very enjoyable and saucy (in comparison to what was expected). I'm talking particularly about those instances where there was a strong contrast between anticipation/ announcement response, and the way the character is obtained after release. Byleth fits that bill.

I had been back there in the day checking the dojo and gamefaqs everyday and I remember there was lots of fear that characters were cut. Some people were thinking that even LUIGI had a chance of not coming back and return to that is so amusing. I think big portion of the mentality was Lucas' announcement, it stated something aluding to him carrying Ness' spot in the roster. Idk why but I remembered all that thanks to the small quotation

They ought to because nobody's favourite character was ROB or Ice Climbers. Those are games and toys that would fade to obscurity if it weren't for Smash. Mega Man is basically a Nintendo character for how linked the show would be to Nintendo, as is Simon. These are iconic characters you think about when you consider Nintendo. Ridley could've been inserted at any stage they wanted, his moves and layout are not that complicated. Spirits at all ought to be a great example of this mindset from the devs - a number of these spirits don't have another representation from the sport, but the game still warrants addition for Sakurai

Surethey are not as well-known or legendary, but I think an argument could be made that ROB being at the game is a great thing, because how else would that crazy idea of the toy peripheral be recalled?

I am not even certain if I think this is a fantastic thing or not, but I really do love that ROB and Duck Hunt are from the game since I like Smash for picking the unconventional path. Whether it's a fantastic thing, it's clear over and over again that Sakurai's leadership is focused on gambling history and intriguing fighters, so it is useless clamoring for this game to recognize celebrity quality

Dude, I don't know how to tell you that, but being a"favorite character" was NEVER a requirement for getting into Smash Bros.. Ever. Iconography and popularity are not some sort of sacred point to consume. The single thing Sakurai has ever said about the subject is the figures he places in must be out of Animal Crossing Items For Sale a video game (obviously) and be in a position to have a realized moveset in Smash. That is it. And judging from all the decades of"Ridley too big" and his position as a boss-monster at Smash, I envision Sakurai himself had difficulty imagining Ridley smash-ified, which is why his inclusion took so long.