How to Go About Regulating the Size of Your Thesis

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How to Go About Regulating the Size of Your Thesis

It makes sense to regulate the volume of a PhD thesis in the following cases:

  • In accordance with the comments of the curator, the Discussion Council or the scientific consultant;
  • If the failed to achieve the minimum amount of RD. In this case, it will be necessary to revise the evidence base and supplement it, change the interpretation and method of presenting information (more specifics or reasoning, but the main thing is validity). In this case, borrowings, citations (in moderation) and the point nature of additions will come to the rescue;
  • If the allowable volume is exceeded, then the text will have to be shortened without violating the logic, consistency and coherence of RD, concentrating on the problem and hypothesis, experiment and a more concise explanation of the nuances.


Any changes must be justified, improve the quality of the project and be based solely on reliable and verified information. Do not forget to double-check the design and uniqueness of the study after any adjustments. If necessary, supplement the conclusions, replenish the evidence base with secondary materials, but without severe deviations from the trajectory (plan).


Please note that each chapter is divided into subparagraphs, which will also be proportionate to each other. Moreover, the number of paragraphs as a whole is not limited, but their number in each chapter should be approximately the same, discrepancies are minimized. Moreover, each of the included items is intended to reveal a certain stage of research, emphasizing a certain side of the problem, the author's position and the need for new measures (with an emphasis on the hypothesis). On average, each sub-item accounts for up to 5-10 pages.




The mission of this section is to emphasize the results obtained, to substantiate or refute the hypothesis and the author's position, to determine the development prospects and opportunities for solving the problem. Up to about 10-15 pages of printed text are allotted for the implementation of such a difficult task. Moreover, the should not just “compress the main part” and retell it again, but formulate a clear conclusion “done - received - proposed - proven”. At the end of the RD, it is important to emphasize the legitimacy or inefficiency of the hypothesis put forward, providing recommendations for further actions to correct or implement it.


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