Watching YouTube TVs with Amazon Fire

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YouTube TV only arrived on the Amazon platform at the close of the year, but it's now available to users to stream on devices such as that of the Amazon Fire Stick.

YouTube TV on Amazon Fire Stick

YouTube TV only arrived on the Amazon platform at the close of the year, but it's now available to users to stream on devices such as that of the Amazon Fire Stick. To download the application on Fire Stick, there are several choices.

Option 1: Fire Stick Apps

Launch your Fire Stick Home screen, then navigate into the section for apps that is to the right side of the menu.

The remote should be pressed down to open to the app section.

Explore the available apps until you find the YouTube TV app. Press the middle button to launch it.

Choose Get and the application will start downloading.

Current YouTube TV subscribers can log into the app using their username and password. New subscribers must sign up for an account on an internet browser before logging in using your Fire Stick.

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Option 2: Fire Stick Search

Amazon Fire

Start your Fire Stick home screen and press the left buttons on your remote. Press this to launch your search feature.

Utilize the directional pad on the remote to type "YouTube TV," and the app's name will appear in the search bar below.

Click the down directional button and then select YouTube TV.

Choose Get and the application will start downloading.

Already existing YouTube TV subscribers can log into the app using their login credentials. New subscribers must register an account using the web browser and then sign in using your Fire Stick.

Fire Stick provides a user interface that is easy to navigate with the remote control. Recent shows and apps are displayed in the main screen and it's easy to find new content that's mainly geared towards
Amazon's own content.

YouTube TV for Firestick comes via Fire TV Stick ($39.99) as well as Fire TV Stick 4K ($49.99) along with many additional Amazon Fire

Overall suggestion: Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K is well worth the additional $10 for those who prefer Amazon devices.


Apple TV devices run tvOS it's the version for TV

Of the widely-used operating system used by the company's iPhone as well as iPad devices. The interface is fairly simple to use and can be customized according to the users individual preferences.

YouTube TV comes for download for both Apple TV HD and Apple
TV 4K devices. Fourth-generation Apple TV high-definition (HD) device has 32GB of storage and allows up to 1080p high definition video quality and retails at $149.99. The premium Apple TV 4K offers the best streaming experience, with resolution for 4K video, Dolby Vision high-dynamic-range (HDR) video as well as Dolby Atmos sound. It's available with 32GB or 64GB and is priced at $179.99.

Overall rating: Apple TV 4K is one of the most reliable streaming devices available for those who are willing to spend the money.


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