About FooShia
An innovative social networking platform, communication and dating has become easier than ever. You can create a new account, communicate with your friends, support cryptocurrency, has crypto wallet. Chat with your friends wherever you are

Fooshia is a new generation of social media. A BFET’s project.


(Fooshia) A new generation of social networking to meet new people from all over the world.

Finally, Fooshia provides members with the benefit of knowing who viewed my profile.

Using cryptocurrencies, Fooshia is the first social networking site that provides the advantage of exchanging cryptocurrencies, buying services and paying for advertising campaigns through its own currency at very low prices.

Fooshia also focuses on useful content, not on quantity, and accordingly it will support talents that provide benefit to the development of society, to become influential figures in her community.

With the feature of searching for friends and groups near where you live, you can now find friends who live near you.

Moreover, through Fooshia Messenger, you can chat with them and make voice and video calls

Creating an advertising campaign is very easy and fair. It is consider the cheapest compared to other social media.

Share your memories, photos and thoughts with friends and family and interact with them. Meet new people on the network from different countries of the world.

Create pages and groups that express your interest. Moreover, if you missed the opportunity to be the first member of the other applications.

Fooshia is now your rare opportunity to be one of the first to join its community, to be distinguished among your friends and family and to have the opportunity to reserve a distinguished name for your personal account or page and promote your ideas and trade before competitors beat you, thus you have reserved a priority seat in the world of Fooshia.

Create your own posts and share your photos and memories on your timeline.

Fooshia also offers you a bunch of games to play with your friends.

It offers Fooshia-market where you can sell your stuff and promote your business easily among the people of your city and country and even in neighboring countries.

In addition, through the group-publishing feature, you can share your posts and photos from Fooshia directly on most of the popular social media and instant chats.

All the complications and banning your account for unknown reasons in the popular social media. It is no longer with Fooshia due to our keenness to prioritize technical support for customers.

Moreover, avoid making mistakes that lead to the closing of the account you have been caring for years.